Welp I re-did 13.1 today and still only came out with 100 reps. It was definitely frustrating, but I feel better about it now than I did on Friday. I got SO close to getting that 75 pound bar up, but I definitely gave it everything I had and now I really know what I need to work on, which is pulling myself under the dang bar!

I can’t decide if I’m over-thinking or under-thinking, but there just seems to be SO much to think about during the snatch. If I concentrate on moving my hips with my shoulders, by the time I stand up it’s like, “Ah crap, what now!?” and I miss the hip drive. If I focus on the hip drive, then I forget to keep my arms straight and end up pulling too soon. And if I focus on not pulling with my arms, I end up just deadlifting the thing. Seriously. Why is this so complicated.

Last night I was watching videos of the squat snatch and just couldn’t visualize myself doing it, so I decided to go to the source, and on a whim sent a tweet to Coach Burgener. He is one of the preeminent power lifting coaches in the world, and I thought it couldn’t hurt to solicit him for a few tips in 140 characters or less. To my surprise, he replied to my tweet almost immediately and suggested that if I was able to hit myself in the nose with the bar, I obviously wasn’t “finishing” the lift. “Remember, there is no drop but a very aggressive pull under! Each rep!” This was definitely a new way for me to think about it, as I have really been concentrating on “dropping” under the bar, but the thought of “dropping” does not really lead to the full-body engagement that I know I need if I am going to lock the bar out over my head. I tried practicing “pulling under” the bar a few times before starting the WOD, but made the mistake of trying it with an empty bar and when I lost my balance with the bar above my head, I dropped it on myself (again) and gave myself a shin goose-egg. Looks like I am going to need a lot more practice.

The BF went into this WOD worried about the weight as well, as his previous snatch max was 125. In typical BF fashion, however, he was able to get 5 reps at 135, for a total score of 105. What a stud.

With my first Open WOD under my belt, I am definitely feeling ready for 13.2. I have a bachelorette party to go to next weekend so this time I am only going to get one shot at the WOD, and it’s going to be at the crack of dawn on Friday morning. Here’s to hoping for 500 Double Unders to come out of the CrossFit Games hopper…

  • Mom

    Holy cow. You tweeted with BURGENER???

    I’m with you on this. It does seem a lot to think about. I don’t know where my brain is at that moment either, but it’s more than I seem to be able to cogitate/translate to movement. I think we need a dance coach!

    • clairechapman

      Seriously. If someone could put this motion to a beat I think it would be much easier! Maybe we should do that…

  • Brittani

    I got 101! I pr’d at 75 on Tuesday so I am trying to be happy with that. I got it up 3 more times but it was more of a clean and jerk. I just could no get under the bar fast enough!

    • clairechapman

      That is awesome! I wanted 101 so badly but it just wasn’t happening… kind of hard to go at your max weight after 70 burpees and 30 snatches!

  • http://twitter.com/winetoweights Jennifer

    I love that snatch image.. so true! And how awesome that Burgner tweeted to you!!

    I videoed my workout and at one point this coach (who I have only worked with once in like my first week of CF), came charging at me and is like “DROP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” on the 75lb snatch. Nope, sorry lady, wasn’t happening.

    But watching it was cool to see where I was going wrong; I looked like I was going for it… then nope.

    I’m happy to be with you in the 100-club though!!


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