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Ok let’s cut right to the chase. 13.2 is out, and I am puh-retty nervous about it. Probably even more nervous than I was for 13.1. Why? Because when it was first announced last night, my very first thought was, “Ok, that’s do-able,” but in the past year, if I have learned anything, it’s that as soon as that thought crosses my mind it pretty much ensures that whatever WOD I just dared to think that thought about is going to crush my soul.

I am not too shabby at box jumps, a 75-pound deadlift is going to be ok, but the 75-pound shoulder-to-overhead is going to get real heavy real quick. My split jerk max is 95 pounds right now, meaning that I will mostly likely be able to push jerk the first round or two, but will quickly have to move into split jerks, which is destined to REALLY slow me down. Just as long as I don’t fail on a rep, I think I will be ok, but I think the crux for me in this WOD will be to link all of the shoulder-to-overheads every time. Having to drop and re-clean the bar is going to be a time suck, and is also going to make me feel like I want to die. Which is always the best part of CrossFit, don’t you think?

We are doing this WOD tomorrow morning at 5:30AM–just about 12 hours away. Yikes! And this week I definitely only get one shot, as I am heading up to the mountains on Friday night for a weekend of ridiculous-ness with about a dozen other girls for a bachelorette party. At least I have that to look forward to if I survive.

One of the other things I am nervous about for this WOD was that I am really not good at pacing, and 10 minutes is a no-man’s land if you haven’t paced correctly. At least in 13.1 I knew that I was going to get through the first 100 reps and then just spent whatever time was left attempting the 75# snatch, but with this WOD I’m just not sure. I talked to my friend and fellow Jai-er Whitney last night after the WOD was released, and she, who had not watched Annie vs. Lindsay, said, “So, what do you think? 15?” By the end of the conversation I was able to talk her down to estimating she would get 10 rounds, but I think I am hoping for 7. I guess we’ll find out.

What do you think of 13.2? What is your goal?

Side note: Did anyone watch Annie and Lindsay duke it out last night? At least Lindsay looked like a human and actually started to seem a little exhausted by the end, but I’m pretty sure that Annie could have just kept going forever. That girl is a machine!

  • Whitney

    Yes. I started at 15. Walked off the ledge and am shooting for 10. But expect that I will get maybe 7 or 8 also after the reality set in (and I watched the workout online). :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/annegrace.donatucci Anne Grace Donatucci

    have you seen this video by carl paoli http://gymnasticswod.com/content/crossfit-games-breakdown-132? good stuff, good luck tomorrow!

    • clairechapman

      Awesome find! Thank you! I am trying to figure out how I am going to do the box jumps… I have only recently started hopping down instead of stepping down–it’s obviously much faster to hop down but I’m worried about the “stutter step” he talks about… We shall see!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=14831163 Megan Richards

    I watched last night, and agree that Annie is a machine. I’m not that comfortable moving that fast even if it’s just one round. I set my goal for a half annie – 6 rounds. I did it this morning at 6am, 6 rounds and 4 overhead! My suggestion – as soon as you feel fatigued on the jumps and you need more time to breathe through them – switch to step ups. My rounds got quicker with the step ups in the last 5 minutes.

  • krista

    I think 7 is a great goal – hard but achievable :) The shoulder-to-overheads are going to ruin me..my max split jerk is around 70, sooo not sure how this is going to go, haha

    • clairechapman

      Oh yikes! That is how I felt about the 75# snatch in 13.1. I’m starting to think that having the heavy (for us) shoulder to overhead might be a blessing in disguise though… if we are forced to slow down there, we will be able to fly through the box jumps instead of using those as the rest, so that’s a bonus!

  • NJ Paleo

    Good luck tomorrow! Just remember to PACE yourself. Like in a marathon, you don’t sprint the first couple of miles and think that your marathon is going to be awesome in the last 6 miles which is when the REAL race begins. Go for negative splits (not like negative split jerks ha ha, negative splits in running where you’re faster in the 2nd half of the race than in the first). That’s all I’ve got. Have fun!

    • clairechapman

      Gah I am so nervous about pacing! I suck at it! My normal strategy is just to go as fast as possible for as long as possible… and it usually ends up being a terrible plan. I am definitely going to be paying attention to my splits though, good tip!


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