14.1: Finally, Some Double Unders


Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of me doing 14.1. In fact, I am always amazed at the plethora of photos that other bloggers seem to have of themselves in the midst of working out. How do you get these photos? Do you have a personal photographer? I mean, if I propped my phone up on a box and worked out in front of it, I would get no end of ridicule. This is a serious question. How does that work?

Anyway, moving on to the actual workout and not just the photojournalism aspect… When Dave Castro announced 14.1, I was thrilled. As you all know, I LOVE double unders… they are the one thing in CrossFit that I really feel like I am awesome at. Everything else I am still trying to figure out, but double unders are my jam. I know that double unders are a pretty polarizing topic, so let me say that they have not always been my favorite thing–in fact, for the first several months of CrossFit, I struggled to link more than 1 or 2. But then, about 6 months into CrossFit, I bought my own jump rope and dedicated 10 or 15 minutes after every WOD to mastering the double under. Many, many whip marks and thrown jump ropes later, I finally started linking 10… and then 15… and then 30… and now can link 60 or 70 on a consistent basis, with my double-under PR at 110. (If you are struggling with double unders, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of having your own rope… not necessarily because a rope you would buy yourself might be a better quality than the ones your gym provides, but because being able to practice with the same rope consistently is a huge X factor in making double unders happen. I started with an Rx Jump Rope with an Ultra 1.8 cable, and now have a Rogue SR-1 Bearing Speed Rope.)

Last year, double unders appeared only once in the Open… and they were after 150 wall balls. OH THE INJUSTICE. So I felt like this made up for it. And then 55# ground-to-overhead wasn’t the lightest weight for me, but I felt was totally doable.

I went into the workout guns blazing. A little too blazing. I skipped on my 13th DU, but then recovered and managed to link all of the DUs for the rest of the WOD. The snatches got heavy fast, but I had a plan for pacing. My goal for the WOD was to get through 3 full rounds and into the DUs of the 4th round–hoping for at least a score of 150. I figured that 30 seconds of DUs, plus 10 seconds per snatch, was a reasonable pace, considering that 55# is almost 70% of my 1RM snatch. In my 3rd round, I decided to switch to C&J, which in retrospect I probably should have done the whole time, but oh well. The C&J took longer per rep, but required way less rest, so ultimately it evened out.

In the end, I came out with 174, only 6 reps shy of 4 full rounds. I was super happy with my score, and even though I may have been able to improve by a few reps if I had re-done the WOD using C&J the whole time, I decided to stick with my score. And now I am sitting comfortably in 2,486th place in the Southwest Region, which is about 500 places better than my 13.1 finish. So I’ll take it!

And now I am just hoping that 14.2 is as kind to me as 14.1 was… but I think we all know that it won’t be. Unknown and unknowable, right?

PS, I am still waiting for Dave Castro to program the Limbo in the Open. Balance? Check. Flexibility? Check. Agility? Check. Coordination? Check. Accuracy? Check. Measurable and repeatable? Check. I mean c’mon.

  • http://www.winetoweightlifting.com/ Jennifer Hudy

    OH! And great score, DU queen! :)

  • http://www.winetoweightlifting.com/ Jennifer Hudy

    So, regarding pics.. lol
    I have a friend at another CF gym and they have someone taking pro-quality pics ALL CLASS LONG. So she has some amazing shots and I’m super jealous. Everything captured on film; a bloggers dream! ;)

    For me, I like to record my Open workouts.. but other than that, we have a gym-mom that always has her camera on her and snaps pics of everyone during the workouts.

    And.. if she wasn’t there, I’d either set my phone up or ask a friend to snap some action shots! You’re a blogger, don’t feel weird about it :)

    • http://teaandkettlebells.com/ Simone

      I always had this question too! Our coaches will take pics during WODs but they can’t be everywhere at once. But I’m too knew at my box to feel comfortable asking someone to grab a pic or two. Ah well. :)

  • http://teaandkettlebells.com/ Simone

    I am 4,044th in North Central with 132. I only had THREE MORE SNATCHES to get 3 full rounds — booo! But my goal was 100 reps, so I’ll take it :) Now we know I can snatch more than 55#! Who knew??

    Also, I started with a gym rope — it’s thinner! lighter! better!! — but switched to my heavy, knotted, thinning-in-the-middle rope from home in the first round when I couldn’t get any DUs. Magically, I began linking at least 8-12 at a time. Woohoo! Definitely going to need to practice these more, though.

    Excited to watch Camille and Talayna throw down on Thursday and listen to your comments the next morning! :D

  • shorej

    I had the exact same score! I really wanted 180, but was not going to do it a 3rd time! I was 28 better than the day before!

  • Heather Mursch

    My husband and I workout together so we always make sure we can take pictures of the other. lol But I know not everyone has that luxury!
    And great job! I feel like we are the same person when it comes to du’s. Totally my jam!!

  • Kelsey Ann Yoki

    FINALLY started getting my double unders after this WOD, and it totally made my day. Now I’m linking more and more when I practice, and it feels pretty amazing! 142 was my end result and I’m totally proud of it because of the DU! Our box is thinking 14.2 will have burpees, wall balls or box jumps…or all of them?

  • http://healthyfoodandfamily.wordpress.com/ Jen@HealthyFoodandFamily

    I never understood how people get the mid-workout pictures either. I mean, maybe if my husband went to the gym with me that would work, but I’m usually too busy trying not to die instead of “capturing the moment” with my camera.


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