14.2 and Eat to Perform

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Luckily, Joy was there last week when I did 14.2, and she took pics of me without me even having to ask. Oh, blogger/podcast friends. They are the best.

Not gonna lie, I did not get too worked up about 14.2. Overhead squats are my favorite lift, but I haven’t practiced Chest-to-Bar pull-ups since last year’s Open, when I got my first C2Bs ever in 13.4. So I knew that I could link the first 10 OH squats, but I also knew that it was going to take a miracle for me to get 10 C2B pull-ups in the remaining 2 minutes. I went into the workout just hoping to get at least three C2B pull-ups, which is exactly how many I got. I’m not thrilled with my score, mostly because it highlights how little I’ve worked on pull-ups in the last year, but I feel like I did my best. And it was tons of fun because there were a lot of people from the previous class who stayed to cheer us on, and everyone went crazy when I got my first C2B after two initial failed attempts, which was pretty great! Oh, and Brandon killed it with 110 reps–even better than Bob Harper! What a stud.

And now, onto 14.3! What do you think it’s going to be?

In other non-Open related news (is there such a thing this time of year?), this week I am starting to experiment more closely with Eat to Perform. I bought a membership to the site back in November, but never really took much time to figure out how to use it, and honestly found their site pretty difficult to wade through in order to get to the basics of what I was supposed to be doing. They have a TON of information on there, but I felt like all of the questions and FAQs assumed a baseline knowledge of counting macros and planning meals that I did not have. So after seeing Jen from Wine to Weightlifting write a post about her ETP experiences, I finally reached out to her to get the inside scoop on how the heck to get started.

The biggest thing that both Jen and the ETP site have driven home so far is that I need to get ready to eat a LOT more than I have been. ETP also encourages lots of non-Paleo carbs, like rice and cereal. I eat rice (mostly in the form of sushi) about once a week or so, but have noticed that if I try to incorporate it on a more regular basis, I tend to feel pretty bloated. A lot of people can eat grains without any issues, but I have always had a ridiculously sensitive digestive system, so I am looking forward to experimenting with how to get enough calories and macros without compromising my gut health. As always, I’ll keep you posted!

  • http://www.winetoweightlifting.com/ Jennifer Hudy

    II am EXCITED for you to EAT! ;) lol.. not like you don’t eat already, but it’s such a different mentality fro the 3-cashews world.. hehe.

    I can’t wait to hear what you think!

    And hey, 3 C2B is a heck of a lot more than so many other ladies in this workout!

  • Rebecca

    Good luck with ETP! I’ve been on and off of it since the summer and I think it is a great tool for people looking to build strength/mass. I still have some body fat I’d like to lose first before I focus on strength and it’s not even about the amount of food I was eating (I eat plenty already) but the macros that didn’t really work for me. I know there are a lot of CF’ers on that site, and it’s a lot to figure out but there are some wonderful moderators on there that will help get you in the right direction!


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