Day 5: More Fitspo

Weekend. Exhale. This week was one of those where I just did not feel like I got anything done whatsoever. Except, obviously, for starting a bitchin new blog. Obviously. Tonight we head to our 3rd Elements class, where we have been instructed to wear high socks and the word "pull-up" has also been casually tossed around. In my mind there is nothing casual about pull-ups, but I am really excited to wear my pink zebra knee socks. So, to psych myself out for pull-ups when my triceps are still cringing Read more [...]

Day 3: Pizza, Paleo, and Thrusters

Ow, guys. Ow. Will every one of my posts start with talking about how much pain my poor wobbly muscles are in? They just might. Last night was our 2nd Crossfit Elements class and workout. Knowing that the learning part of the night would be covering diet - and knowing that would probably mean  being preached to about the benefits of Paleo - we decided to pre-game at our favorite brewery with some beers and a pizza (in case you are unfamiliar with Paleo, both of those things are blatantly non-Paleo). Read more [...]

Day 1: Wink Butt

Last night after much anticipation and even some nervousness, the boyfriend and I put on our workout gear and headed to Crossfit Jai. We would later find out that Jai (pronounced Jay) is Sanskrit for Victory - because, as the owner TJ puts it, Crossfit is so full of victories, both small and large, that it seemed fitting to use that word in the name. We didn't just dive straight in to a WOD (Workout Of the Day). For these first 2 weeks, we will be part of an "Elements" class, learning how to safely Read more [...]


It’s 10:45PM, so I just have one thing to say (for now) about my first ever crossfit sesh:

If I can walk tomorrow, it will be a freakin miracle.

Inspiration Day 1

So my first ever Crossfit workout (WOD? Still working on the lingo...) starts in 1 hour! I am more than a little nervous - also it doesn't help that I got mad sunburned this weekend when my intentions for a 45-minute trail run turned into a 2-hour hike when I took a wrong turn... I am not looking forward to inevitably having to hold a bar over my shoulders! Anyway, here are some inspirational images that I've been using to get myself psyched for the next 90 days! (PS, most of these images are from Read more [...]

Day 0: An Introduction

Hello. My name is Claire. I am 24 years old and live in Denver, CO. I work at an entry-level B2B Marketing job, live with my boyfriend and border collie, and enjoy the kinds of things that other 24-year old Denverites enjoy: hiking, rock climbing, skiing, and drinking beer. I am relatively active but not terribly athletic, with moderate asthma and a very serious addiction to all things involving melted cheese and/or pancakes. I have spent the majority of the last decade trying to figure out WHY Read more [...]

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