Day 36: Running on Empty

Today was a hard day in my life. It might go down as one of the hardest. Due to compounding personal circumstances, I not only got almost zero sleep last night, but ended up skipping work to spend the day with my family. Things are OK, but I hold all of my stress in my digestive system, and this led to me not eating a single thing all day until about 4PM when I finally came home and the BF made me a fried egg. Then I ate a few pieces of sliced turkey. And then, with all of about 200 calories in my Read more [...]

Day 35: Paleo Challenge

Whoa, it has been a big weekend. Yesterday I worked for 14 hours. You would think that on a Saturday, I wouldn't be working at all. Oh, but you would be wrong. I worked for 9 hours catching people as they zoomed towards me on a zipline, then worked for an additional 5 hours chatting and taking drink orders at a nearby tavern. I mean, ziplining is fun but ziplining for 8 hours and then 5 hours of being exceedingly talkative and bubbly is exhausting. Also I would like to take the time now to point Read more [...]

Day 32: Responsibility

Yesterday was painful. Literally full of pain. After running backwards for 1/4 mile on Monday night during our warm-up, my calves were pretty sore on Tuesday but it seemed innocuous enough that I decided to go for a 3-mile run on Tuesday night (my logic went something like: It will loosen them up! Just what they need!). First of all, this was the first run I'd really done since starting CrossFit (remember when I mentioned that I am supposed to be training for a marathon? No, you don't remember that? Read more [...]

Day 30: 15 Truths for Crossfit Beginners

With my first month of Crossfit under my belt (boo-ya!), I think it's time to pass on some wisdom. 1. The concept of getting in shape before you start Crossfit is absurd. I keep hearing, "I want to try Crossfit, I just need to get in shape first!" Crossfit is going to kick your butt no matter what, so stop making excuses and just get in there. 2. Puking is apparently not a sign of weakness, but a sign of being a badass. Bleeding is also encouraged. (Bonus points if you puke blood?) 3. You are Read more [...]

Day 29: The Real World vs Real Life

So, remember how I said that I was excited to get into Crossfit because I am excited for the benefits of increased strength and endurance when it comes to the outdoor activities that I love? Well, rowing a big inflatable boat this weekend (and grunting and sweating while doing it) really made that even more tangible for me, and I am super excited to get back in the box (apparently that is what you call your Crossfit gym if you want to sound like you know what you're talking about) tonight! This Read more [...]

Adventure Inspiration for the Weekend

Two posts in one day?! I might be breaking some blog rules here, but since I am going to be gone all weekend on an adventure, I wanted to post a little more adventure fitspo to get everyone excited to get out and do some fun things this weekend, too! Have a great weekend! Read more [...]

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