Day 66: Killin It

Ok, I'm just gonna throw this out there. I killed it last night with my Jackie re-test. My goal was to take 10 seconds off my original time of 14:00, but I finished in 11:31 - a 2:29 difference, and I went from 3 bands to 2.5 bands for the pull-ups! That is a pretty huge difference to see in only one month. Maybe I counted my chickens a little early with this whole Paleo challenge thing! We also re-measured and the measuring tape thinks I lost a full inch off each thigh. I really do not think this Read more [...]

Day 65: Color!

Whew. Took a little break from technology this weekend, and it felt great. Also took a little 3-day break from CrossFit, which also felt great. But tonight we are back at it to re-test Jackie (100-m row, 50 thrusters, and 30 pull-ups) and officially complete the Paleo challenge. I am interested to see if my time changes. TJ has already announced that everyone (most people re-tested on Sunday) improved their times, so I hope I'm not the curve breaker! I am optimistic because when we did Jackie last Read more [...]

Day 60: More Truths for CrossFit Beginners

2 months down, folks! I can't believe I have been doing this for only 2 months, it feels like CrossFit has been a part of my life for way longer. I did a post like this at the end of Month 1 and I really had fun with it, so I thought I would do another one today! So here ya go, round 2 of Truths for Crossfit Beginners. 1. This was in my first post but is worth repeating because I hear about this all the time: The concept of getting in shape before starting CrossFit is ridiculous. You are going Read more [...]

Day 59: A Paleo Recap

Editor's Note: I am not a vegetarian, nor do I ever plan to be, but eating a Paleolithic amount of meat has proven to be a dilemma for me. Do you eat Paleo? I would really love some feedback on what you and those you cook for think about such a high level of meat consumption. Also, if you have any good meat-free Paleo recipes I would really like to hear about them. Our gym is in the final week of the Paleo challenge, and I have been eating (mostly) Paleo now for almost a month. I have lost a few Read more [...]

Day 58: Tears

I feel like I've been hit by a bus. Is it possible to get whiplash from a jerk press? Ok, how about from 49 of them? Last night's WOD was 7 rounds of 7 jerk presses, 200 m run, then 7 front squats. My bar weighed 65 lbs. I knew I was in trouble when I couldn't even link the first set of jerk presses, and it really only went downhill from there. By the end I was only able to do 1, maybe 2 jerk presses at a time, and 3 or 4 squats between rests. I was running almost entirely with my eyes closed Read more [...]

Day 57: Climbing

Yesterday I woke up a follower, and went to bed a leader. Which is a very dramatic (coined by TJ) way of saying that yesterday I did my first lead climb! For those of you unfamiliar with climbing, you can check out Wikipedia's definition of lead climbing here. In a nutshell, lead climbing is not necessarily harder than top-rope climbing, but it's much scarier and has higher consequences if you fall. Which is why, even though I've been climbing for 2 years, I had never led before. And I was pretty Read more [...]

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