10 Signs Your WOD Is Destroying You

This morning's WOD was ROUGH. 8 rounds: Run 200 m, 8 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (google it), 8 squat jumps, 8 thrusters. That's a LOT of thrusters. There were only 2 other people there, one being The BF who I never beat at anything (except Scrabble and being right about things), and the other being one of my very favorite people who we work out with. My second favorite thing about her is that she is better than me at most things, a little faster and a little stronger, but not by too much, so when Read more [...]

Hey Ladies!

Don't forget, Juli Bauer's Women's ONLY lifting class is THIS SATURDAY from 12-2 at CrossFit Jai (on 15th just north of I-25)! This 2-hour class with cover the snatch and the clean & jerk. You don't have to be a weightlifting expert, but some past experience with these lifts is required. Even if that includes falling flat on your butt while attempting a snatch with an empty bar like I did this morning. Yep. The cost is $50 but it will be totally worth it. CLICK HERE for more info and to Read more [...]

Food: The Basics

I thought a good place to start the discussion about nutrition and food would be by talking about what I eat and why I eat it. There are tons of other topics I want to eventually talk about, including addressing common nutrition myths and misconceptions, the obesity epidemic, the "American" diet, and how that has all influenced the choices I make about what goes into my body. But for now, let's start with what I actually know about, which is ME! I've definitely talked a lot about this topic on Read more [...]

Spinach + Garlic Scape Fritters

The switch back to Paleo the past 2 weeks has been a little bumpy in the home-cooked department. Eggs for breakfast? Check. Salad with chicken for lunch? No problem. Get home and am ravenously hungry and down almost an entire bag of chips? ...Yeah. That happens a lot, actually. And then on Thursday morning at about 4AM I woke up with something that REALLY needed to get out of my body RIGHT NOW, if you know what I mean. I spent the next several hours running back and forth from the bathroom (I miraculously Read more [...]


Woohoo! The transformation is complete! 90 Days of CrossFit is now OFFICIALLY The Ascent Blog! PS: If you used to follow 90 Days of CrossFit, did you get a notification about this new post? I spent a long time today making sure all my followers got migrated but right now the little "Followers" tally is only at 3 when I used to have 61... Fingers crossed! Read more [...]

Day 89: The Last WOD

I'm tired. I'm really, really sore. And I made it. I mean, this is not over. I will clearly keep doing CrossFit. Because it's amazing. BUT, let me tell you that I have never before in my life set out to do anything for 90 days and stuck to it. I also want to stress that CrossFit is NOT a 90-day "program" and that it will take you much, much longer than 90 days to even begin to reach your potential with CF--but man, it's been a great start. I am working an event all day tomorrow and then Sunday Read more [...]

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