August Paleo Challenge

People. I am in major need of getting back on the not-eating-crap bandwagon. The biggest culprits in my life right now are chips (to go with guacamole, obviously), cheese (who let me buy a block of cheese? come on), and juice. Surprise! Fruit juice is bad for you... it spikes your blood sugar just like soda does. We drink green juice sometimes, but lately I have been actually buying things from the store like cans of sweetened iced tea and Odwalla lemonade. Organic? Doesn't matter. Still really, Read more [...]

Being a Klutz

Back in the spring, before I started CrossFit, I signed myself up for a half marathon that is suddenly supposed to happen in less than two weeks. I am also signed up for a full marathon in October. You may have noticed that I never talk about going on training runs... that's because I haven't been going on any. And I am starting to freak out juuust a little bit. So, last night I decided to go for a run. I have done some trail running this summer but haven't gone for a road run in about 6 months, Read more [...]


This morning I got to work and loaded the elevator, which has a full-length window on one side that (if I'm alone in the elevator) I generally use as a mirror. I'm wearing a dress that is awkwardly stretchy around the middle--the kind that turns even the slightest belly pooch into a 2nd trimester pregnancy. So I got on the elevator and as the door slid shut, I turned to the side to give myself one last once-over before walking into the office. But my eyes passed over my stomach and landed on my Read more [...]

Small Victories

It has been about a month since my "90 Days of CrossFit" ended, and in some ways I miss counting the days. It made my goals and progress seem much more tangible, instead of just existing within a never-ending spectrum of CrossFit madness. I haven't measured any of my body parts or really even weighed myself since then, and despite my best efforts, my diet has been slacking. Last night we did some skill work with strict, unbanded pull-ups, and our trainer Lindsay ended up having to push what was Read more [...]

A Long Time Comin

Wow that week went by fast! I was in Madison, WI (home of delicious cheese curds and the BF's family) for the BF's sister's wedding. I took my laptop with me, thinking, "Oh I will have so much time to blog while I'm there!" I was really, really wrong. Turns out that holding a wedding in the backyard is about the easiest way to spend 5 days running around, putting up tents and arranging chairs, buying armfuls of sub sandwiches and compulsively checking the weather radar. So I did not blog, as you Read more [...]

CrossFit Games Fitspo

Did anyone else watch (bits and pieces via the internet of) The CrossFit Games this past week? Holy crap. If that doesn't inspire you to get off your butt and try to get your Fran time to sub-2:30, I don't know what will. I'll say it again: Holy crap. Here are some of my favorite images from the women's competitions this past weekend. These are all from the CrossFit Games website, and I have linked them all accordingly! But first, let's start with this great little video, basically with people Read more [...]

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