Editor's Note: If you have not checked out the Slim Kicker Slow Cooker Giveaway (and by checked out I mean entered!), click here to go do that now!! Have I mentioned how much I love the mountains? I love the mountains. Our trip didn't exactly go as planned--we got stormed out of the park on our second evening after finding ourselves on an exposed ridge at about 11,000' as a heavy lightning storm rolled in. We were on our way to our second campsite after having spent the day hiking to an amazing Read more [...]

Into the Wild

Right now two fantastic girls who I studied with in Argentina (over two years ago, yikes!) are here for a visit. Today we spent 45 minutes looking for bear canisters at REI, and tonight we spent at least another 45 minutes wondering how one bear canister is going to hold enough food for three girls for three nights. And by food I mean ramen, red wine, and chocolate covered mangos. The mangos didn't make the cut in the end, unfortunately. Tomorrow I will strap on a backpack for the first time in Read more [...]

SlimKicker Slow Cooker Giveaway

I know you all like to win free stuff, especially free stuff you will actually use, like an awesome 6 qt Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker! So, here they are--the deets! (Is it ok for me to say deets? I think yes.) As I mentioned yesterday, is a website/app that helps you track your health goals with points and rewards for logging what foods you've eaten and what exercise you've done that day. You can also join groups and message boards for inspiration, and work towards personal goals Read more [...]

Busy Recipes and a Giveaway

Let's just cut to the chase because I know that very few of you are really as interested in the fact that I did a Hero WOD yesterday morning on an empty stomach and more interested in the fact that you can win free stuff just by being a creative fitness person, which I know that you all already are. Starting tomorrow I am teaming up with Slim Kicker to give away a slow cooker! Slim Kicker is a super fun free fitness app/site that I've been using that helps me keep track of what I eat, because Read more [...]


Dear Lululemon, let's compromise. Either you spend the next 2 years making butt-ugly clothes that I would never want to wear ever, or you start making your amazing I-somehow-believe-that-this-tank-top-will-make-me-more-flexible, these-wunder-unders-should-be-called-miracle-unders, how-is-it-possible-to-make-a-headband-that-is-really-worth-fifteen-dollars, spandex amazing-ness into a price that a normal human can afford. I appreciate it. Seriously, though, I definitely feel more capable when I Read more [...]

Paleo Spring Rolls, Lettuce Wraps, and Shepherd’s Pie

Editor's Note: Becky shared a post with us a few weeks ago about the basics of paleo, and here is a little more info from her about her own experiences after starting to adapt the paleo lifestyle. She even included some great recipes that are very budget friendly, which is hard to find with paleo! You can check out more from her blog here. Right off the bat I’m going to tell you I don’t eat strictly paleo. I eat mostly paleo though. I don’t eat gluten containing grains (wheat, rye, and barley), Read more [...]

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