Paleo Pad Thai Review

Well, it's Day 4 of the Whole30, and I have already made some pretty awesome headway in the realm of Coming-Up-With-New-Stuff-to-Eat. It's a conundrum because as I have talked about 7 billion times, Brandon is always hungry, yet he doesn't really like to eat meat more than two or three times a week. Because of that, he decided to keep white potatoes in his diet, even though they aren't technically "on" for Whole30, and that is helping. But it also means that I have had to get pretty creative to come Read more [...]

Suddenly, a Pull-Up

How long have I been trying to get a pull-up? I mean, obviously since Day 1, but I've been actively staying late 2-3x every week and making Brandon do partner-assist pull-ups with me, or working on my kip, or doing sets of banded pull-ups, or Tabata sets of holding my chin at the bar, or jumping from a box to get my chin over the bar then slowly lowering myself, or any number of other things I was convinced would help me do a pull-up for at least 6 weeks now. And I have been super, ridiculously frustrated Read more [...]

Juice Fast Fail

As many of you know, my plan for the past few weeks was to start a juice "fast" last Thursday, which would continue through the weekend, and then I would start the Whole30 today. The juice fast went well on Thursday, and I enjoyed 3 cups of spinach and apple juice before heading out with some friends and bringing my bottle of beet/carrot/apple/cucumber/ginger juice with me to the bar. Everything was fine until I got home that night and started feeling really hungry, but I figured I would just Read more [...]

Brandon’s CrossFit Fun Factor

Hey everybody!  Today is not going to be an ordinary blog post- I, the aloof BF, am filling in for Claire in the first attempt as a "guest" writer. We thought it might be fun to mix things up once in a while, and for me to chime in a little of my own voice. It's a funny thing to be an occasionally mentioned subject on a blog, especially when you encounter many of its readers in person. I've seen people come up to Claire and say, "Hey, are you Claire?  I read your blog, it's great to meet you!" Read more [...]

Just Limping Along

Today I am literally just limping along. Monday was Kelly, Tuesday was med ball cleans and lunges, and today was front squats. Are you joking? Every time I try to stand up I pretty much have to roll over and push myself up because my quads just can't do it anymore, and I have to walk down the stairs sideways. It's a party. Anyway, I read the above quote somewhere yesterday and totally loved it. I think it's so true that many people view their bodies as something that just needs to look a Read more [...]

Kelly, We Meet Again

Yesterday Coach Mike posted a photo of Kelly Kapowski on CrossFit Jai's Facebook page, with the caption "Hint hint,"  and my immediate reaction was "Ooh! A 90's theme WOD!" Y'know, cuz it's almost Halloween, and I have been waiting for an excuse to wear a giant scrunchie and high tops to a WOD that hopefully involves using a Skip-It and listening to Jock Jams (really, how amazing would that be!). Sadly after about two seconds of fantasizing about my dream 90's WOD, I had to face the harsh reality Read more [...]

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