Editor's Note: Brandon kept seeing all my "Fitspo" posts and decided to come up with a little something of his own... some FitsBro. And one last thing... Why is the first picture of Emma Stona holding a shake weight..? I am not on board with this... (Enjoy!) Hey everyone, the BF is back with another post, long overdue.  The "write a post every Thursday" idea I had months ago actually meant "don't write a post every Thursday," and even though its been a long time, I actually don't have much to Read more [...]

Paleo and Zone Diet Shopping List

  Last week, someone emailed me asking me if I could give some insight into what my weekly grocery trip looks like. With the 8th week of Zone closing up, shopping for this type of eating has become second nature, but I remember how confusing it was at the beginning, so I wanted to share my answer with all of you. Side note: February has been not even close to as stellar as January was with Zone eating. I'm not so sure I will be posting before and after pics again, but I am determined Read more [...]

Game On

After my post yesterday about feeling like I have been subconsciously-but-becoming-a-little-on-purpose sandbagging myself lately, another member at our gym (the same one who introduced me to the fantastic zone cheat sheet from the CrossFit Journal, actually) commented with an article from Outside Online about the "Black Hole of Mediocrity." You can read it here, but the gist was that researchers have found that you, as an athlete, are served by very intense workouts, very easy workouts, but not Read more [...]

Snow and Wendler

I meant to write a post for you this weekend. I really did. But then, I went skiing. And then, it started to snow (yes, after I went skiing. bad timing). Snow is not a super unusual thing here in Colorado, but the snow did something that it hasn't done yet this year... it KEPT snowing! Today I am trying to decide whether to WOD or to go to a book signing for the Smitten Kitchen cookbook. If you are not familiar with Smitten Kitchen, you should be. This woman is spunky and hilarious, and uses Read more [...]

Paleo Southwestern Chicken Soup {Recipe}

Meals in this house have not really been that exciting lately. This whole Zone Diet thing has been great but it does not really lend itself to much experimentation once you get in a groove. Carb, Protein, Fat. Carb, Protein, Fat. And unfortunately, what that ends up resulting with in my not-as-disciplined-as-you-all-think-I-am brain is "Carb, Protein, Fat... Carb... Pro-... MAC AND CHEESE." I had to reign it back in. So I decided to make some soup. There are really few things in this world Read more [...]

Tuesday Giveaway! {closed}

Everyone has their favorite WOD shirt. But let's be honest. That poor shirt has probably seen better days, judging by the way it still smells a little like sweat and old Progenex even if you just washed it, and the way your favorite WOD partner won't spot you on your overhead squat anymore without holding their breath. Well lucky you! Today I have an amazing giveaway from LatitudeGearRx to breathe new life into your CrossFit wardrobe. New, clever, well-fitting, and fresh-smelling life. I Read more [...]

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