The Art of Running with Small Dogs {by Evan Pollitt}

Editor's Note: Our final guest post comes from Evan of Salt, Dogs, and Duct Tape. He is an hilarious writer with a knack for calling it as it is, and I am so excited to feature him as we wrap up this awesome week of stories! By the way, I didn't exactly give Evan the chance to approve this title... But I think after you read this, you will understand. Hello Ascent Blog! Let me start by saying I’m happy to be here. I’m Evan and I write salt, dogs, and duct tape. Allow me to introduce myself. Read more [...]

Health is a Choice {by Laura McElduff}

Editor's Note: Happy weekend! This guest post comes to us from Laura of NJ Paleo Runner. She has been through the same trajectory that almost all of us can relate to--starting out with running/cardio and a "low fat" diet, seeing some results, but still not feeling anything "click." Luckily she eventually found weight training, and then Paleo, and you will love the last line of this post! PS, you can check out Laura's blog right here!   I grew up in the South with typical Southern Read more [...]

Fat Girl Gone Healthy {by Mandy}

Editor's Note: Today's post is written by Mandy, who struggled with depression and body issues for many years but felt helpless and didn't know what to do about it. Four years ago she finally decided to take control and reach out for help, including starting to see a personal trainer. This is a super inspiring, relatable story and I love what she says at the bottom about the way people see her vs. the way she sees herself!  PS, you can check out Mandy's blog right here! Four years ago, I decided Read more [...]

CrossFitting for Life {by Dana Harker}

Editor's Note: Today's post is from Dana, who is so dedicated to CrossFit that she actually has been doing the Open WODs at her local globo gym! Even though she doesn't have access to the same CrossFit community that keeps many of us going, she uses her kids and future grandkids to motivate her. That is dedication!! I cannot tell you exactly how I stumbled upon your blog, but I do know that I look forward to seeing your posts in my email inbox. I am a mother of two, a Crossfit fan and a silent, Read more [...]

Kung Foolery and CrossFit Craziness: An Introvert’s Path to Fitness {by Simone Dietzler}

Editor's Note: Today's post is from Simone, whose story is shockingly similar to my own. Simone finally puts words to the same struggle I felt during high school when I was envious of my athletic friends, not because they were "skinny" but because they seemed to have something that I couldn't access. And I was very excited to read this and find out that I wasn't the only one who made dandelion crowns on the soccer field instead of giving a crap about the game... PS, you can read more about Simone's Read more [...]

Life’s Many Teachers {by Martha Furst}

Editor's Note: Surprise! Two guest posts in one day! This will not be the first time this happens this week... so just be prepared :) This post comes from a friend of my mom's who has tried to get healthy in the past, but until recently, nothing would stick. She talks about what has shifted in the past few months that has finally allowed her to make healthy changes in her life-- and she has also found that being healthy is not as hard as it seems when you can break it down into small, attainable Read more [...]

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