21-Day Sugar Detox Day 2


Day 2 of the 21DSD is in full swing, and I am GRUMPY.

I’m not sure why I am such a grump, because I should be pretty excited about life right now. I finished my CrossFit Level 1 course yesterday (I don’t find out whether or not I passed until later this week, but I felt pretty good about the test), I am getting married in 1 month and 2 days to a guy who has been texting me Harry Potter jokes all morning to help cheer me up, and my stitches are gone so I can finally head back into the box this week. But instead I am feeling snappy, sleepy, and lame. It feels exactly like PMS, only instead of craving chocolate and wine I would kill for a swig of the apple cider that is in my fridge right now. Bad planning.

Maybe I am actually PMSing (I am terrible about keeping tabs on that sort of thing), but I am surprised that I am this affected on only Day 2. It doesn’t help that I went kinda crazy last week, with sushi on Friday AND Saturday nights, plus nachos on Friday and pumpkin pie on Saturday. Add that to the pumpkin pie and a half that I ate last week, a delicious but very rich birthday dinner at a French restaurant in Boulder last Tuesday (complete with sticky date cake), and finishing off 2 bottles of wine while sitting in front of the fire at my dad’s house where we were house-sitting all week (which is a LOT for me), and I was in pretty bad shape going into this detox. I even got a cold sore, which I used to get all the time, but these days is a major sign that my diet has gone off the deep end. It didn’t help that those are the things I was being fueled by this weekend during my Level 1, which could also be described as a 16-hour air squat clinic. Geeze, no wonder I am grumpy.

I am trying to focus on all of the things that I CAN eat, but I didn’t realize until this morning what a fruit junkie I really am. Not being able to have an apple with my breakfast felt like a really big deal (and yes, I know we are allowed green apples, but I just cannot stomach those things… maybe I will have to learn)!

So, do you want to know what I’ve been eating so far on this detox? Here is a quick recap:

Day 1:
2 pieces of bacon, 2 scrambled eggs, ~1/2 cup of zoodled sweet potato, cooked in bacon grease

Chicken chorizo burger, Brussel sprouts, ~1/2 cup of mashed sweet potatoes
(Courtesy of Noble Savage Foods!)

2 Hardboiled eggs

Leftover turkey, leftover bison heart bourguignon (made in the crockpot last week using this recipe), asparagus sautéed with coconut aminos

Day 2:
Asparagus sautéed in coconut aminos, 2 fried eggs, a crap ton of cashews (my zone diet self is cringing)

2 chicken thighs cooked in coconut oil with Penzey’s Northwoods Fire Spice

More leftover bison heart bourguignon

Are you doing the detox with me? How’s it going? Are you a grump already too?

PS: Do you know someone in Denver who is needs some CrossFit in their life? Are you that person? The gym I go to, CrossFit Jai, recently moved into a bigger and better location and is accepting new members after being full for several months. There is a free trial class this Saturday and next Sunday–if you or someone you know signs up, let me know and I’ll be sure to be there to do the WOD with you/them! Click Here to learn more about getting started at CrossFit Jai.

  • Jacki

    I’ve joined you for the detox and today isn’t too bad. I gourged on sugar (and gluten) on Saturday during a Sinterklaas celebration. Bread for the first time in months, stroopies and speculaas (dutch cookies), and dutch letters.

    It has been a long time since I had that much crap in one day, and my weird old joint ache in my big toes came raging back Saturday night while I slept. A good reminder of why I have cut back on sugar.

  • Theresa Baumgartner Mahlik

    You’re giving up sugar, it’s ok to be grumpy. My excuse? PMS :) This too shall pass. (I can’t wait to hear how the level 1 went)

  • Maureen

    Day 2 is very hard! I feel like punching someone and I am hungry!!!!!! I keep drinking tea and water!

  • Emily

    Claire! Could you please consider continuing to post what you’re eating on the 21DSD? I’m doing it with you-I think, from the rules that I’ve previously gleaned from reading PaleOMG’s site-and it’s so helpful to see how other people eat a clean Paleo diet. I do really well for a few days and then I always end up finding some exception and cheating, so I’m hoping that doing this with you (all) will keep me to it. Not sure if I’ve ever commented before but love your blog!

    • clairechapman

      Yes definitely!

  • http://www.winetoweightlifting.com/ Jennifer Hudy

    Sounds like you had a nice splurge before the detox! Wine and pie– sounds like the story of my life the past week or so! ;)

    Green apples are soo good though!! Cut them in little pieces and fry it up in some coconut oil, top with cinnamon.. YUM!

    And btw.. I’m sooo excited about your L1!!!!! You have such the passion for CF so you really deserve it! Good luck!!

  • Lindsay

    I’ve been debating doing the 21DSD for months now and I just can’t commit lol

  • Grether Barbon

    CLAIRE IT SUCKS SO BAD! Haha I really hadn’t realized how banana-dependent I have really become. I’m known for having fruit, crazy amounts of nuts, and coconut milk for breakfast in order to fake cereal. I do really enjoy trying to fit more meat and make actual meals instead of my snack tendencies. It’s still a little jarring to get used to having meat and veggies for breakfast but I’ve found that hot tea or some hot nut milk will usually quiet the sugar monster during the moments of weakness. Keep sharing the story though! Love seeing all of your Instagram meals :)

    • clairechapman

      Ooh I love the idea of hot nut milk! It’s a blizzard outside and I have been seriously craving some hot chocolate today, I might have to try that!

  • http://www.curlypinkrunner.blogspot.com/ Elizabeth Ulmer

    no-sugar is not for the faint of heart! way to crush it girl, it’s tough!!!


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