21DSD: Baby Steps

I really hope you all understand why I'm using this picture. If not, I'm not sure we can be friends.

I really hope you all understand why I’m using this picture. If not, I’m not sure we can be friends.

I have to admit that this 21-Day Sugar Detox has still not totally gotten off the ground. And I really don’t know why.

I decided to take a step back and look at what my goals were and why I wanted to do the Detox. For one, Joy and I are doing a little CrossFit photoshoot with a real live photographer at the end of the month, and I want to look really awesome. Two, the 21-Day Sugar Detox seems to be one of the few Paleo-style diet challenges I haven’t done yet, so it makes sense that I should try it. Both of those seem like pretty reasonable points on the “Why I Should Just Buck Up and Do This” list. And now I have a third item to add to the list, which is that I apparently am having a really hard time doing it, which kind of gives me even more reason to want to do it. Obviously.

On the other hand, I don’t really have a sugar craving problem. If I am going to crave something, it’s going to be a pickle or some cheese or, more often than not, some tortilla chips. I am a salty kinda gal and so targeting a non-existent cycle of sugar cravings seems kind of pointless. It also seems that I have something of a mental block to committing to not eating fruit, because it’s summer and fruit is delicious. But because I’ve apparently put my foot down about the fruit, I have decided that I might as well just screw the whole experiment and eat fried rice and tacos instead.

But wait a second. If I didn’t have a problem with sugar, would it be so hard to give it up?

Well crap.

So I’ve decided to re-re-start the Sugar Detox, but this time in baby steps. I did this when I started Zoning, and when I started Whole30, so why not with the Sugar Detox? When I started Zone and Whole30, I gave myself a few days on the front end to get used to eating that way without feeling obligated to comply 110% right away. It made a big difference because then when I did start worrying about strict eating, it didn’t come as quite as much of a shock. It also was a bit of a confidence booster, because I would get a few meals out of the way where I thought, “Yeah, this isn’t so hard!”

So here we go again.

And while we’re at it, how about an update on my daily goals?

I am still loving setting daily goals. It’s especially fun to set them in relationship to that day’s WOD, and then on rest days it’s nice to focus on the basics like getting enough water and enough sleep.

I am also learning a little bit about what realistic goals look like for me. For example, I am learning that I probably won’t take the time to do Tabata sets before bed on a rest day, and that I am a lot more likely to add some skill work after a WOD if I specify the rep structure ahead of time instead of just saying “20 minutes of work on my pull-ups.” I have also learned that my new favorite thing is to set a goal to get in bed by 10, then decide that my goal trumps all other things that need to be finished (like putting laundry away… which almost literally never happens…).

  • Carol Setters

    Oh, yeah. Drink water. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Gabby

    First, THAT PICTURE. Love love love x twenty billion.

    Second, I’ve thought about doing the 21DSD a few times now but can’t bring myself to pull the trigger. I’ve run through a couple reasons of “why” in my mind and eventually, I’ve come to realize that I frankly just wanted to do it because I felt the “paleo pressure” so for me, it doesn’t really make sense. I do think that 21DSD is probably one of the better “detox” programs out there though and I think it would be super useful after a sugar bender like the holidays.

  • http://www.shakeitoutnunu.blogspot.com/ Nancy Mae Ridicule

    Claire, I’d like to join in on the 21DSD with you but I know very little of it! I only know the obvious (cutting down the fruits) but is there any other “plan/schedule” you have to adhere to? Let’s start day 1 tomorrow?

  • Fat Girl Healthy

    The thought of giving up fruit in the middle of strawberry season with blueberries and peaches right around the corner sounds horrifying to me. I’ve cut out all of my sugar except fruit and that has been an adjustment for me this week. I hope my energy comes back soon!

  • kristina

    i love that you are honest about having to re-re start your detox…rather than just giving up and not even discussing it on your blog again.

    i feel like i am always re-restarting paleo eating..i keep trying to be strict but i am such a sucker for all things sweet..it definately doesnt help that i work for starbucks. ugh…

  • Isabel

    Baby steps to 4 o’clock……….. :)

  • rachel ostberg

    I never, EVER, get laundry folded and put away after my 6:15 WOD so I find it hilarious that you are pretty much my doppelganger.


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