2nd Annual Cindy [and 21DSD Day 6]

I am proud to say that last night, Cindy went much better than I thought it was going to. I didn’t quite get to my goal of 15 rounds, but I came in at 14+13, which I was happy with. Even more, though, I was super happy with my pull-ups. When we did Murph a few weeks ago, probably 1/4 of my pull-ups would have been counted as no-reps if I hadn’t been incapable of doing another rep even if I’d wanted to, but last night my pull-ups felt really good. I still can only link 2 or 3 at a time if I have to do a lot in a WOD, but I am definitely making progress.

Cindy is tricky, though. And even though my pull-ups felt good and my squats went really quickly, the WOD felt like nothing but push-ups. By the end of the WOD I was breaking up the 10 reps into 4-3-3, and even had a few 3-3-3-1′s in there. And today it is really hard to move my arms enough to put my jacket on (which is non-negotiable as it’s exactly 1 degree outside right now… Awesome).

Day 6 of the 21-Day Sugar Detox has been going ok. I am still waiting to have an ah-ha moment, but I think the root of my problem is just that I am not eating enough. I am known to have this problem when I change something about my diet–for the first week or so I just don’t eat anything because I don’t know what to eat. This obviously backfires almost immediately, but I think that for next week I will have a much better handle on what’s going on so I can better plan out my meals and snacks. Not being able to rely on fruit for snacks or for a quick breakfast filler really threw me for a loop this week, but I have big plans for meal prep this weekend (though hopefully one that will not result in eating chili for 6 straight meals… although it was delicious).

Here is another peek into what I’ve been eating last night and today:



Dinner: A gigantic slab of red trout, broccoli, and mashed sweet potatoes. I inhaled this.


Breakfast: A german sausage, sauerkraut, asparagus, mashed sweet potatoes, and an egg. Yep, I had German sausage and sauerkraut for breakfast… and it was awesome.

Lunch: What the heck did I have for lunch? Some carrots and a little bit of leftover sausage? Enter the “not eating enough” problem.

Snack: A bunch of cashews? What the heck did I eat today?

Well, I guess I better go eat some dinner in that case. Happy Friday!


  • http://www.curlypinkrunner.blogspot.com/ Elizabeth Ulmer

    congrats on a great round of Cindy! i’m with you- the whole thing is push ups! I couldn’t believe how tough they were for me!!
    anytime I eliminate a food group from my regular diet I always get stuck because I forget I need to replace it. extra hunger certainly doesn’t help manage those cravings at all!

    • clairechapman

      Thanks! Woo, glad I’m not alone with the crazy diet adjustment period. I always get to the end of the day and feel kinda dumb… I always say “It takes a special kind of stupid to forget to eat” and well… Here I am lol

  • Gabby

    Congrats on Cindy – she kills me every.single.time. It’s the push ups that wreck me too! I love reading your 21SD posts – I’ve been thinking about doing one after this next competition cycle is over (strongman + no rice & white potatoes & sugar = DEATH) so your perspective is much appreciated :)

    • clairechapman

      Thanks! Honestly I’m a week in and am not too sold on this whole 21DSD thing, I have been a grump and I don’t know that this is really any more effective than a Whole30 would be. I also didn’t come into this with any real problems with energy swings throughout the day, so maybe I’m not a good candidate to see really drastic change. It has been nice to clean up my diet though–I didn’t realize how far we’d fallen off the wagon until I had to try to climb back on! ;)


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