30 Days of Zone

Wow, apparently I have been eating zone for 30 days! Yes we have had 2 off-weekends, but overall we have done really well keeping it up. I definitely feel like this has heightened my awareness of eating more complete meals by forcing me to have a protein, carb, and fat component every time I eat. Instead of just snacking mindlessly on cashews or spoonfuls of almond butter, I have to balance a tiny handful of cashews or bite of almond butter with an apple or carrots and a hardboiled egg or some lox. I stay full longer, my energy levels are more consistent, and I feel better knowing that I am ultimately getting more nutrients by being forced to eat a wider variety of food.

But I have to be honest. Even though I have found these last 4 weeks to be pretty useful, with another 4 weeks still left to go, I am kind of over being so strict about it. Although many elite CrossFit athletes preach the irreplaceable benefits of carefully measuring and weighing your food to ensure exact portions and ratios, I don’t know that I’ve seen more gains from this way of eating than I would from just eating balanced strict paleo meals. It’s been great to remember to include a protein, a fat, and a carb in each meal… but do I really need to remember to have 3 oz. of chicken, with a teaspoon of almond butter and one apple? Can’t I just grab a chicken thigh, an apple, and a few smears of almond butter and have essentially the same effect?

Although I think that the answer is YES, I am feeling a little stubborn about this commitment, so I am going to continue to stick it out for the next 4 weeks.

I have been trying to ward off a chest cold that I picked up from one of my family members this weekend, which meant scaling back big time on yesterday’s WOD. The WOD was 8 rounds of 1 heavy Clean & Jerk, 2 V-ups, 3 wall climbs, 4 front squats using the same weight from the C&J, and then 1 min rest. My C&J max is 95 lbs and my front squat max is 110, so on a good day I should have used 80 or 85 lbs for this WOD. But while warming up yesterday with 75 pounds, as soon as I pushed it over my head I started to feel dizzy, so I stuck with 65. It still took me 17:30 to finish, mostly because it turns out that wall climbs with full sinuses are a horrible, horrible idea. Lesson learned.

Today’s WOD is looking brutal: 25 muscle-ups, 50 pistols, and 75 ring dips. Since I can do ZERO muscle-ups, I will be doing pull-ups, but 25 is still a lot for me, and I can’t imagine what 75 ring dips are going to feel like! TJ has been not-so-subtly ramping up the programming in preparation for the CrossFit Open, which many of Jai’s members are entering. Most are doing it just to see how they stack up, but a few of our members are approaching elite levels and, I think, could end up doing pretty well. One of my long-term CrossFit goals is to be able to eventually complete all of the open WODs Rx’d, but I am years away from that being a realistic option, so this year I’m not worrying about entering just yet!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I am off to eat my 3 1-oz pork meatballs, 1.25 cups of kale, 1/2 cup of carrots, 1 tsp of butter and 9 cashews…

  • http://twitter.com/winetoweights Jennifer

    Love hearing about your Zone planning.. and I agree that I think I’ll be okay just making sure to include a good amount of protein, fat, and carbs each meal, rather than eating 5 almonds.. ;) hehe.
    At least it sounds like you have it down to a science now!


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