About Me

My name is Claire. I’m a 26-year old Front Range native, living in Denver with my husband and border collie mix, Luna. I work full-time as a Project Manager at a small digital marketing company in Boulder, and spend as much of my free time as possible in the mountains, in Moab (my favorite place on Earth), or at my CrossFit gym.

I started CrossFit in March 2012, and along with that experience came this blog, which was originally called 90 Days of CrossFit. However, you can probably spot the obvious flaw there… which is that after 90 days, my blog title kind of expired! I also decided that I would love to write about a few things other than strictly CrossFit–like climbing, backpacking, and generally being outside; eating healthy and not-so-healthy; and maybe just some of the crazy things that happen in day-to-day life. So I created The Ascent Blog.

An ascent is the act of rising upwards, which is what I hope to do each day. Thanks for sticking around with me while I try to figure out what that looks like.


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