All I Want for Christmas is Spandex

I’m just gonna go ahead and throw this out there: I am really counting on the world not ending tomorrow.

Today I slept through the 5:30AM WOD for the first time ever. A few times I have acknowledged my alarm going off and made the conscious decision to not get out of bed, but today I had no idea my alarm even had gone off until it was 6AM and Brandon was kneeing me in the back (how romantic) saying, “Hey, aren’t you going to go to CrossFit?” Which is when I picked up my phone and realized that I had fully slept through it.

Apparently I was not alone because I saw a Facebook status not much later from a regular member of the 5:30AM WOD, complaining that he had been the only one there this morning. Whoops. I commented to let him know I had slept straight through the WOD, but another of his friends said, “They probably realized the end of the world is tomorrow so it didn’t matter anymore!” And I have to disagree. If the world really WAS ending tomorrow, I would be pretty mad that I missed the last WOD ever. So this is my plea to the universe that the world not end just yet, because I still have some more CrossFit I’d like to do.

Assuming that humanity survives to see December 22nd, and consequently December 25th, I figured it might be time to make  a Christmas list. I bet you can still get (most of? some of?) this stuff under the tree in time…

christmas list

1. Cute sporty Sportmixer Blender Bottle $15

2. It Starts with Food $18

3. Lulu leggings… These are cute but really any would do! $92

4. Reebok Oly Lifting Shoes for women… you can even customize them, though I like the purple and lime combo $150

5. Live Love Lift tank… I mean how adorable is this!? Comes in a few other colors, too. $25

6. Progenex Peppermint Bark flavor. $5 of each bag goes to troops in Afghanistan! $60

What are you asking for for Christmas? In real life so far I have gotten a bitchin’ pair of Gryffindor knee socks from Brandon and some new dining chairs from my mom… Brandon and I have a hard time waiting to open presents so we usually just open them as soon as they come in the mail! Do you wait until Christmas morning and open everything all at once?

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  • Kelsi

    The beau and I had our Christmas on Tuesday night. It was really sweet and quiet and lovely. He has been sick for a few days, so we kept it low-key and ate some very unhealthy Chinese takeout. I got him some swanky chopsticks (hence the idea for dinner came to pass), an electric knife he had been wanting, and a coupon for a sailing lesson in the summer. He got me a Belgian waffle maker (yesssss!), a gift card for a massage, and a bag full of green gummy bears because green are my favorite. Then we cuddled and watched cooking shows. We have separate holiday plans with our families so we decided to have our own Christmas celebration on a different day. I find that I can be patient and wait to open gifts, but I’m so excited to watch people open presents form me that I can’t stand it and give them out right away!

    • clairechapman

      That’s so fun! Our first official purchase as a “couple” was a waffle iron (which Brandon then proceeded to leave in Moab when he moved out of the house we were living in 6 weeks after I had already left… I’m not bitter), and they are the BEST! Also that is so cute about the gummy bears! I agree about being excited to watch people open them–I could care less what I get but I love seeing how other people react to my gifts to them… especially because I consider myself to be something of an expert gift-giver :)

  • Tayler Cabalka

    I usually give my gifts a few good shakes and if it sounds promising, there is no waiting around!!

    • clairechapman

      Haha I LOVE shaking and prodding and poking my presents before I open them, so when I was little my parents would put bells on my presents that essentially acted like an alarm if I tried to shake them. Pretty frustrating at the time but looking back it was pretty genius.

  • Jennifer

    Peppermint bark protein?? Have you had it? Sounds AMAZING! What kind do you usually take now?

    • clairechapman

      Haven’t had it… I actually despise chocolate mint but I thought it was holiday-ey enough to include in my list :) I use Gamma Labs PTF before workouts (which has creatine in it, which is the same thing your body naturally produces to stimulate the production of ATP which helps bring oxygen to your muscles) and Progenex after WODs. They have two formulas, “More Muscle” and “Recovery,” and both are surprisingly helpful with muscle soreness and helping you recover more quickly–More Muscle is obviously more geared towards helping you bulk up whereas Recovery is more just about replenishing your muscles after you workout, and I switched to More Muscle a few months ago but honestly I haven’t really noticed a difference with my muscle growth between the two. However I do notice I am sore for twice as long at least if I don’t drink anything, though.


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