All the New Crap

As you hopefully noticed, things around here are a little shinier this morning! What do you think?

Some things to note:

  • You can still “like” posts by clicking the “Like!” button at the bottom of the post–even though this kind of looks like a Facebook “Like” button, it isn’t.
  • Those of you who were subscribed via email previously may (should) have received an email this morning confirming your re-subscription. That is not spam, I meant to do that, so please confirm so that you can continue to receive emails about my posts!

I’m also interested to know–if you were previously subscribed to my blog, did you get an email notification about this post?

Last but not least in the category of new crap, my new Rx jump rope should be getting here today (which I know as a result of my obsessive FedEx tracking site-checking… please tell me I’m not the only one who does this…) and I never thought I would be so excited for a jump rope. As my friend Bruno put it, “A jump rope? What are you, seven?” Um, whatever. If my 7-year old self could see me now, she would be pretty ashamed at how bad I have gotten at jump roping. I used to be the jump rope master. Did you guys ever play with Chinese Jump Ropes? It was like doing Cat’s Cradle in-between two people’s legs… anyway, let’s just say I spent every recess of 3rd grade mastering my bright pink Chinese Jump Rope skills. And my new setup has bright pink handles with a white rope, and Brandon’s has bright green handles and a black rope. So hot right now.


  • StacyLynne

    I don’t recall getting an email from you personally hmm, nor an email of your last 2 blogs. I am subscribed RSS feed at work and I received them there tho. I liked receiving the notice in my email. How do I subscribe again?

  • StacyLynne

    OK. Got that all figured out. Subscribed and ready to read. As for the FedEx tracking…yes. The jumprope, absolutley. I keep mine stretched out in my car at the ready. As for my age, 47, I remember Chinese jumprope, but also being an Island girl who moved to the Bronx and learned how to double dutch…now THAT was fun.

    • Claire

      Haha! I always wanted to learn double-dutch but as I have 6 brothers and zero sisters, I never had enough people who wanted to turn the rope for me :)


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