Balancing the Mirror

Like most women who discover strength training for the first time, my perceptions and expectations of my body have changed dramatically since I started CrossFit 2 years ago. I've never really been overweight, but I've never been an athlete (my athletic background mostly consists of aggressive show choir choreography) and I gained some weight after college that I wasn't terribly comfortable with. I wanted to look like a 5'3-tall version of a Victoria's Secret Model--long, thin, graceful, and yet somehow Read more [...]

Spring Catch Up

It's spring! I just love spring. It's the best. This past weekend Brandon and I went to Moab for an impromptu little desert trip. I love that town so much. Someday I will move back and we will sit in the river and drink 3.2 beer because it's Utah and everything will be great. But until then, here we are. The Open ended without much fanfare. I skipped 14.4 because I just didn't want to deal with it, and 14.5 took me 27:35, a time that I wasn't particularly proud of. I think I went way Read more [...]

14.3 and More Lifting, Please

Another week has passed, and The CrossFit Open continues! I felt similarly to 14.3 the way I felt about 14.2; I was excited to see what I could do, but also had realistic expectations because I know my limits. For 14.3, my Deadlift max is 170#, so I knew that 20 reps at 155# (which, if you're playing at home, is over 90% of my 1RM) would be a stretch, but that if I did make it to 185#, it would be a miracle to get a 15# PR after 55 previous heavy deadlifts. I did step-ups instead of box Read more [...]

Eating Enough

There is a funny thing that's happened a bit in the corner of the CrossFit blogger world that I live in, and it's that women have not only rejected the idea of a calorie deficit, but have moved to the other side of the spectrum. Instead of fitness bloggers who humblebrag about how little they ate today, CrossFit bloggers post about how MUCH they ate today, how they are still hungry, and how they are going to go make themselves a 1500-calorie bedtime snack because #gainz, y'all. Don't get me wrong, Read more [...]

14.2 and Eat to Perform

Luckily, Joy was there last week when I did 14.2, and she took pics of me without me even having to ask. Oh, blogger/podcast friends. They are the best. Not gonna lie, I did not get too worked up about 14.2. Overhead squats are my favorite lift, but I haven't practiced Chest-to-Bar pull-ups since last year's Open, when I got my first C2Bs ever in 13.4. So I knew that I could link the first 10 OH squats, but I also knew that it was going to take a miracle for me to get 10 C2B pull-ups in the Read more [...]

14.1: Finally, Some Double Unders

Unfortunately I don't have any photos of me doing 14.1. In fact, I am always amazed at the plethora of photos that other bloggers seem to have of themselves in the midst of working out. How do you get these photos? Do you have a personal photographer? I mean, if I propped my phone up on a box and worked out in front of it, I would get no end of ridicule. This is a serious question. How does that work? Anyway, moving on to the actual workout and not just the photojournalism aspect... When Dave Read more [...]

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