Bulu Box Review

I mean really. How cute is that little box.

I mean really. How cute is that little box.

I have a bad habit of treating supplements and multi-vitamins like makeup. Makeup, in my opinion, should only really be used for special occasions like date night (and sometimes for chin zits)–and this is typically how I treat things like pre-workout and antioxidant drinks. Not that I take pre-workout before date night (although maybe I should start), but I really don’t ever remember to take vitamins or fish oil unless there is something special coming up.

Since starting CrossFit, I have started to realize more and more that my body could really use a helping hand more than just every once in a while. And though I was raised in a house full of supplements, multi-vitamins, and herbal tea (my dad started Celestial Seasonings, so I have been drinking Sleepytime tea for literally my entire life), walking into Vitamin Cottage (or worse, GNC) makes my head spin.

So when Bulu Box contacted me and asked if I would like to be an Ambassador, I got pretty excited. When you sign up for a membership with Bulu Box, they send you a cute little orange box each month with samples of different kinds of supplements, vitamins, and other health products for you to try.

So far I’ve received two Bulu Boxes–my first month’s box was full of sleep aid supplements and products, which I loved. I definitely felt like every sample was very high quality and that a lot of thought had gone into choosing each item, because they were all very tasty and all gave me pretty good results. This month was a little more random with some natural allergy pills, some gummy drops with collagen in them to help with hair and nail growth, and a pre-workout style drink powder. This month also included some very yummy antioxidant nut butter, and an energy bar called “Fit n Crisp.” I have been waiting to try out the allergy pills until I get a bad allergy day, but the collagen gummies were actually really tasty, and I am always interested in trying new drink powders!

The thing I like most about Bulu Box is that it seems like whoever is behind this idea has a very similar mindset to me: that supplements and other health products are super important and can play a big role in your life, but the hard part is finding out what works the best for you. It’s also obvious that the company is invested in producing a high quality product for their customers, and that a lot of thought goes into the health and wellness of everyone who receives these little orange boxes.

If you would like to give Bulu Box a try, they are offering my readers $10 off a 3-month subscription… aka the first month totally FREE. So that’s just $20 for 3 months’ worth of tasty, effective, well-thought out samples. And if you are like me (which, I learn more and more every day, a lot of you are… scary…), this is an awesome way to learn more about what works for you and your body when it comes to giving yourself a little extra help in the being-ridiculously-awesome department.

Plus, you can earn points for reviewing the samples, and then use those points to buy the stuff that you like!

Click Here to learn more about Bulu Box… and to get $10 off your order, enter code: BULUGAN240

  • Robin

    “Coupon code “BULU3M6548″ is not valid.” Can it not be used on the boxes?

    • clairechapman

      Hey Robin! Seems like there was a bug… try this code instead: BULUGAN240

  • Simone

    I just got one of these through a Greatist challenge! Until I’m settled into a post-college full time job, I’m not ready to sign up for any more monthly fees (especially after getting my first smartphone and therefore tripling my phone bill), but I’m excited to try it. In fact, I’m going to do that right now — I was waiting til I was done with Whole30 :)

    We sell those Fit’n'crisps at REI. They are pretty freaking delicious. :D


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