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First of all, I am excited to announce the winner of the Gamma Labs Giveaway!

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Congrats, Kourtney! Email me at to get hooked up :)

Anyway, it’s been kind of a while since I’ve done one of these posts, hasn’t it!? Well, with all this talk about resolutions, I decided it was time to post a little extra inspiration while you think about your fitness goals for the new year!

If you follow me on Pinterest you have almost definitely noticed that I am just slightly obsessed with Christmas Abbott. You could even call it a girl crush. I consider her to be my biggest role model in CrossFit–she is small but powerful, and doesn’t have an athletic background but works her butt off. I would love to have a CrossFit career like Christmas… so today, she is my inspiration! Enjoy!

The Ascent Blog

The Ascent Blog

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The Ascent Blog


The Ascent Blog


The Ascent Blog



  • Jennifer

    Aren’t you excited that one day YOU might be someone’s fitspo?? :) Keep working hard, Claire!!

    • clairechapman

      Right! THAT would be the day! Oh man…

  • Emily

    I’m so stoked you included Christmas in your CrossFit inspiration. She is inspiring not only for her mad CrossFit skillz but also her tenacity to not let anything hold her back from reaching her goals. Home girl is awesome!


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