CrossFitting for Life {by Dana Harker}

Editor’s Note: Today’s post is from Dana, who is so dedicated to CrossFit that she actually has been doing the Open WODs at her local globo gym! Even though she doesn’t have access to the same CrossFit community that keeps many of us going, she uses her kids and future grandkids to motivate her. That is dedication!!

I cannot tell you exactly how I stumbled upon your blog, but I do know that I look forward to seeing your posts in my email inbox. I am a mother of two, a Crossfit fan and a silent, secret participant who tries to emulate Crossfit workouts at one of those dreaded COMMERCIAL gyms. I did 13.2 yesterday in the women’s room at the gym and was given some pretty funny looks. I am sure it was more because of the puddle of sweat and less because of the 90 grunts that it took to get both of my feet on that damn box. You see, my gym has great equipment, a warm pool and most importantly daycare. My kids are 3 and 5 and my unwavering commitment to sleep requires me to workout during waking hours and when I can fit it in. So, I follow the WOD app, CrossFit posts from a gym in my hometown, and look to my childhood and high school classmate and Crossfit Games competitor for inspiration.

My fitness journey has no beginning and no end. It really has numerous ebbs and flows but I can confidently say that has been flowing consistently for the last year and a half and I do not believe it will ebb anytime soon. The reasoning behind my five to six day a week gym habit is 2/3 selfish and 1/3 unselfish. The first 2/3 is that I want to have a hottie pilate body and I really do not want to start smoking again—it’s gross. I am approaching the one-year mark (that includes going to the bars and NOT even taking a single drag). Until 1 year ago, I remember going for six-mile runs and when I would sit on my front porch afterward, I would smoke a cigarette before I took a drink of water. Now, I just drink water afterward. It tastes and feels better.

The non-selfish third reason is really to lockdown any discontent of future generations. I don’t want my kids’ mother to be a smoker. I don’t want to go outside and “water the lawn,” or “get the mail” rather than hang with them. I want them to smell my yummy (and cheap) Juicy Couture perfume I got from TJ Maxx and have fantastical memories that their mother smelled like the movie star they surely imagine her to be. I also want to be around long enough to be a grandma, like the kind of grandma my mom is mixed with the quirky grandpa that my dad is. My kids’ kids are going to need me, just like my kids need my parents. Exercise, paleo, and not-so-paleo eating help secure the happiness of the little ones and their little ones. That is pretty damn important. Almost as important as a hottie pilate body.

  • NJ Paleo

    I can imagine the people in your gym staring at you and thinking, “What is she doing?” They’re probably just jealous LOL. Great story!

  • Old Lady Crossfit

    I also quit smoking just over a year ago… I won’t look back, thanks to Crossfit and feeling great! I have two teenagers, and want to see them get married and be around as long as I can!

  • Jennifer

    Congrats on quitting smoking, and changing your life for the better! :)


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