Drop-in WOD #2: Offshore CrossFit

Last night we headed over to Offshore Crossfit and joined them for a WOD they called “Legs for Days.” After doing Cindy, we were both wrecked in our upper bodies, so we were pretty excited to see that the programming was front squats and then 3 RFT of 9 front squats (95/65), 15 walking lunges, 9 squat jumps, and 15 jumping lunges. I failed to take into account what that actually meant for my life, which is that today, my entire body is utterly useless.

After wandering around a warehouse complex looking for the right place, we knew we had found the right door when we saw the words “I welcome you to the community of people who have decided that easy will no longer suffice” stenciled on the outside. This gym was more like the boxes we are used to–don’t get me wrong, US CrossFit had some super nice digs, but this one already felt a little more like home. We also brought my mom with us, whose house is about 2 minutes away, to see if we could convince her by indoctrination to start doing CrossFit. Spoiler: it worked!

The gym was about the size we’re used to, with 75 members–just shy of Jai’s numbers. We were able to meet three of the coaches, and they were all super encouraging and really knowledgable, and it took us about 5 minutes to get a sense of how close-knit the Offshore community is. They’ve structured their WODs so that everyone knows that as soon as they show up, they are supposed to run a 400 then do a series of lunge stretches on their own, then they go into the Burgener Warm-Up as a group. They also usually have at least two coaches on the floor at any given time to maintain at least a 6:1 client to coach ratio. We were led through the lunge progression by a Lulu-wearing member named Sarah (needless to say, we were instant friends), and though we didn’t Ace the Burgener Warm-Up like we had at US CrossFit, we didn’t embarrass ourselves too badly, either.

Onto front squats. We had 20 minutes to find our 2-rep max of “in the hole” front squats, meaning you pause at the bottom so that there is no momentum to ride on the way back up. Brandon and I both received a tip that we had never heard before–that instead of just leading up with your chest or elbows out of the squat, to really push through with your hips and let that drive the move. We’d never heard it worded like that before, but it’s really a great way to be able to focus on moving your entire body out of the squat all at once, instead of necessarily leading or following with anything. Ultimately, that one tip lled Brandon to get a 5-pound PR from his previous 1 rep max that we found just a week ago!

Now that our legs were officially “warmed up,” we moved onto the WOD. And it was so freakin’ hard. There have been times in my life when I failed on a squat or lunge because the weight was too heavy or because my endurance was spent, but I’m pretty sure that last night was the first time I’ve ever experienced true and brutal muscle failure in my legs.

Brandon finished second and I finished dead last (you’re shocked, I know!), which I was not too proud of, but I felt good about it because I really don’t think I could have done it any faster. The jumping lunges totally destroyed me. And then we went home and I had to walk up the stairs sideways.

  • winetoweights

    I love that you still find time to workout on vacation!! Your poor legs!! :)

    • clairechapman

      Heck yeah! I mean, it beats just sitting around staring at each other… which is usually a big part of family vacations… Also now I don’t feel so bad about the not-exactly-Whole30 things I’ve been eating :)

      • winetoweights

        Oh no! Didn’t make it 30 days?:

  • http://www.facebook.com/george.c.briones George Christopher Briones III

    Hey Claire it is George from offshore, thank you for the wonderful things you had to say about our gym, it was awesome meeting you guys and what was funny is that Jason and I were just talk about how Brandon pr by five pounds on his 3 rm out of the hole which was his one rep max! Love to see how small correction and learning new things can help you improve just like that, hope to see you guys soon and take care
    Thanks ,

    • clairechapman

      Hi George! Great to hear from you. We will definitely be back next time we are in Carlsbad!


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