Headed to the Games

You guys. In 48 hours I will be standing in the StubHub Center surrounded by the fittest people on earth! I can’t freakin wait! My bag is packed and it’s full of nothing but a bikini, all of my Lulu booty shorts, and a big stack of WOD tank tops… Including this beauty that showed up on my doorstep yesterday!

Girls Gone WOD tank top

I also ordered a crop top version but I am so short that it just looks like a really baggy normal tank top. But what can you do.

We are leaving tonight and flying into San Diego, and we’ll be staying at my mom’s house in Oceanside and making the 2ish hour drive from northern San Diego to southern LA where the Games are being held. We haven’t made a final plan as to whether or not we will spend any nights in LA instead of driving back and forth each time, but we are trying to keep this trip on a pretty tight budget and a hotel room is a lot more expensive than a tank of gas.

However! We have Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix freshly downloaded to my iPhone for car ride listening, so that’s fantastic. Brandon had never read the HP books, and I am something of a fanatic, so I finally decided to take matters into my own hands at the start of the year and read him all of the books. We have been doing a lot of bedtime read-aloud sessions but man that 5th book is a thick one, so this should be a pretty awesome opportunity to finish it up! Harry Potter AND CrossFit… Could this weekend get any better? I submit that it could not!

We are also going to do a drop-in sesh at Offshore CrossFit, which is my mom’s home gym and one of the gym’s that we tried out last November when we visited over Thanksgiving. We really loved that place the last time we were there and are super excited to hang out with them again.

I am taking my computer but am going to try to unplug as much as possible so that Brandon and I can enjoy our first non-working vacation of the year! But don’t worry, I intend to be VERY active on Instagram… so if you want to check out some firsthand shots of the Games, make sure you follow me!

Oh and I also am going to try my very very best to meet Christmas Abbott. Because then I could die happy.

Are you going to the Games? I’d love to say Hi! Let me know if you are headed there and we can rendezvous in the tent city!

Last but not least, if you have ever been to the Games, let me know… What item is a must-have to survive the weekend?

  • http://www.winetoweightlifting.com/ Jennifer Hudy

    Sooooo jealous!!! Love the tank!

    Have an amazing time!!!! I will be watching from my couch.. :(

  • http://www.njpaleorunner.wordpress.com/ NJ Paleo

    How awesome that you’re going to see the CrossFit games! That’s got to be immensely inspiring!
    That tank is so cute.
    My whole family LOVES Harry Potter — I think my daughter has read each book at least 7 times and can tell you how each movie deviates from the books.

  • Theresa Baumgartner Mahlik

    Have a blast!!

  • Greg Garand

    I will be there too! I would say that I will look for you in a crossfit tank top and lulu booty shorts, but I am guessing all the ladies will be wearing that.

  • Sarah G.

    Are you guys going to be selling your tanks at any point? I am a tank-aholic and that one is really cute!


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