Juice Fast Fail

As many of you know, my plan for the past few weeks was to start a juice “fast” last Thursday, which would continue through the weekend, and then I would start the Whole30 today. The juice fast went well on Thursday, and I enjoyed 3 cups of spinach and apple juice before heading out with some friends and bringing my bottle of beet/carrot/apple/cucumber/ginger juice with me to the bar. Everything was fine until I got home that night and started feeling really hungry, but I figured I would just sleep it off and wake up the next morning to some more juice.

Long story short, I do not think that I did the juice fast correctly and was not drinking nearly enough. In order for a juice fast to really work, you need to be drinking 6-8 8 oz. glasses of green juice every day, and I was only drinking about 3-5. I weighed myself before heading off to a Halloween party on Friday night only to find that I had already lost 4 lbs and my ribs were definitely starting to stick out. Based on that (and the fact that I was really starting to get hungry), I decided to “allow” myself to have a few pieces of celery at the party, but the celery turned out to be a gateway drug and by the end of the night I had sampled some guac and even a little bit of buffalo chicken. Based on the fact that this party was full of amazing looking Halloween treats, I’d say I did pretty good by non-juice diet standards, but I definitely did NOT stick to my juice rule. By Saturday morning my weight was down 6 lbs. and I realized that I was not really accomplishing my main goal of the fast, which was to mentally prepare myself for the Whole30… instead, I was craving salty foods and feeling lightheaded and basically like my body was eating itself. So, I put my juicer away and fried up a few eggs.

Despite the juice fast being a total bust, we decided to start the Whole30 a day early and kicked it off yesterday. For dinner last night I made roasted herb chicken thighs with mashed sweet potatoes and a side of steamed cauliflower, and right now there’s an elk stew in the crock pot with carrots, onion, and butternut squash. So far we are both doing super well, and I have to definitely give a lot of credit to Brandon for being willing to do this with me. We have already had quite a few moments where he has reached for something (like the side of beans that was served with the veggie fajitas we ordered last night) and I’ve said, “Hey, you can’t have that!” and he looks at me with sad eyes and says, “Really? But… Ok.”

I am definitely feeling excited to try out some new recipes and track my progress over the month. So far I have only accomplished one of my 20 health and fitness goals for fall, and it’s one of my bonus goals at that: Complete at least 2 WODs with only strict push-ups. So I’m hoping that as I focus more on my diet, I will get closer to many of my other goals as well!

  • http://twitter.com/winetoweights Jennifer

    That makes it SOOO much better when you have someone else doing it with you!! Even though Jared only lasted 21 days, it made the first 21 days of the Whole30 much more management. Good luck, chica!!

    • http://theascentblog.com Claire

      Yeah I think it would be super hard if he was sitting there eating mac and cheese while I fried up an egg… I might smack him. So really this is for his own good, too :)

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    My juice fasting went amazing!


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