June 2013: Some Goals

Something I have learned about myself so far this year is that quarterly goals are just a little too far-reaching for me. Back in April I made a list of goals to be completed by June 15, and I really haven’t been able to accomplish many of them. Not necessarily because I’m not trying, but because I don’t program my own workouts, and so whether or not I get to really focus on front squats, ring dips, or whatever, is not really up to me. Sure I can do some accessory work, but building on max lifts or getting your first whatever is pretty tough to do with only 10 or 15 minutes to work on something at the end of a WOD.

So I think that this summer I am going to try out monthly goals instead, and maybe try to pick a few that are a little more within my ability to work on by myself. So here we go.

June 2013 Health & Fitness Goals

Hopefully my pull-ups will not be as distressing as these little characters think they are.

Hopefully my pull-ups will not be as distressing as these little characters think they are.

1. Link 2 strict pull-ups
I’m very sad to report that after my months of working my butt off to get a strict pull-up, I have almost lost it again. I need to get back on the train with working on this all the time, instead of just checking it off the list and walking away. Plus, this is crucial for my BHAG (that’s a Big Hairy Audacious Goal for all of you non-Student Council Campers), which is a muscle-up by the end of the summer!

2. Do 1 strict ring dip
I would be pretty surprised if I tried this today and couldn’t do it. But I haven’t really tried it recently, and who knows, maybe I would be utterly unable to do it. This is also a very important goal on my way to a muscle-up!

//found at the ascent blog

3. Try 3 new hikes
Guys, I live in Colorado and I barely ever go hiking. Actually, that’s not true. We hike a lot, but always on the same trail. It is a tragedy. This state is freakin beautiful and I need to explore more of it.

4. Eat strict Zone for breakfast & lunch 4 days a week
You would think that after having such awesome results with Zone, I would have stayed on it indefinitely. And I wish that I could say that I have. But even though the measuring and weighing is really not that hard at all, I seem to be able to find every excuse to not worry about it. Let’s go ahead and stop that nonsense this month, what do you think?

detox banner

5. Complete a 21-day Sugar Detox
This is a biggie. I have never done the Sugar Detox before and although I don’t typically crave sugar, going fruit-free for 3 weeks in the middle of the summer is going to be tough. But Joy and I have a photo shoot for some podcast promo pictures on June 30, so hopefully that will help keep me motivated!

Do you have any June goals? What do you find is an effective time frame for your goal setting?

  • Michelle

    Last year was a big ick, bad divorce = 40 pounds and dropped out of my crossfit classes. Im giving myself 30 days to prove to myself that I will commit to me and my gym again (Not just pay and not go). Im doing Home Wods (The ones you have listed on this blog), 30 day squat and plank challenge, C25K, Yoga (All home and outdoor workouts), and cutting out the tacos and vodka from my everyday life. Im 7 days in and feeling pretty pumped! ….and tired. OH! and I’m reading yours and Joy in the Day blogs for inspiration.

  • Erin

    I just had shoulder surgery and have 4 more weeks in my shoulder immobilizer/sling. I’m going crazy without my crossfit! My goals; not go too insane, do the 30 day squat challenge (hey, I can at least air squat!), take my kids on some hiking trails and try three new parks, and complete the 21dsd. I really need to do zone again, I like your goal of doing lunch and breakfast. I need a few options so I’m not always having the same thing.

  • Sharde Davis

    Hey at least you have goals and have a time schedule to complete them. Let us know when you accomplish them!

  • http://www.winetoweightlifting.com/ Jennifer Hudy

    Great goals!!

    Muscle-ups aren’t even in my near-term radar; I feel I am so far away from even a ring dip, that I cannot imagine even considering one!

    Ring dips are AWFUL! I really should try to do them more often.. can’t get better unless you do things, right?


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