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This week has flown by. Duh, it’s only Thursday, you are thinking. But tomorrow we are leaving at the butt crack of dawn to go visit my grandmother in Florida for her 90th birthday. She lives on Jupiter Island which is aptly name because it feels like a different planet full of senior citizens wearing white pants and driving golf carts (or is that all of Florida?). But I do kind of love it. Brandon has never met my full extended family so that puts a little extra spin on the weekend, but not as much of a spin as trying to hide my somewhat-enormous-and-rather-obvious feather tattoo on my shoulder is going to be…


A few overhead squats to start out my day. That bar felt a lot heavier than it looks.


Luna making it through the week with her octopus hat.


Top: August. Bottom: January. Hello deltoids! Finally!


Sometimes you just need to take an ice bath at 7AM after 150 wall balls and 30+ burpees.


So apparently this is what happens when you put tape on your knuckle and then try to do pull-ups. Oops.


A little Chaco love from our bouldering/sitting in the sun sesh last weekend.

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What are your plans for the weekend? I’m hoping we might be able to get something of a workout in here or there. What are your go-to travel WODs?

  • Angie

    I am still too chicken to try an ice bath, even though I heard it’s great to reduce inflammation.

    This weekend I am going to see Lady Gaga perform in Vegas!

    My usual travel workout is a run. I love the change of scenery and it requires only running shoes.

    • clairechapman

      Um what? Lady Gaga!? That is going to be amazing! And the ice bath was horrible but SO worth it!

  • Jennifer

    Whooo shoulder muscles!! Looking good, girlie! :)


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