Eating Enough

There is a funny thing that’s happened a bit in the corner of the CrossFit blogger world that I live in, and it’s that women have not only rejected the idea of a calorie deficit, but have moved to the other side of the spectrum. Instead of fitness bloggers who humblebrag about how little they ate today, CrossFit bloggers post about how MUCH they ate today, how they are still hungry, and how they are going to go make themselves a 1500-calorie bedtime snack because #gainz, y’all.

Don’t get me wrong, I am more than supportive of ditching the calorie deficit mindset. I will be the first person to tell you that eating less does not mean being more fit, and in fact not eating enough can be detrimental to your progress. I know this, because I can barely get myself to eat enough on a regular basis. I am not a big eater, and never really have been, and up until the past few months, I’ve been pretty ok with that.

But, to be honest, I am also not really ready to just start adding indiscriminate mass to my body. I’ve said this before, but I know that even though CrossFitters are only supposed to care about our increasing fitness, it is also pretty nice to look in the mirror and like what you see. When I gain weight, I can tell immediately–and not because my lifts go up. Also, I’ve been noticing that the high carb meals that are encouraged by ETP and Lift Big Eat Big-style athletes and coaches just make me feel sluggish and unenthusiastic. My body is apparently not as on board with the idea of eating 3 cups of rice for dinner as I want it to be.

But I also know that if I want to get stronger, I have to, at the very least, shift my weight around on my body a bit. And I think that the solution to this dilemma might less to do with “eating big,” and have a lot more to do with lifting heavy weight on a regular basis. Tomorrow I am starting this 12-week Strength Cycle Training Plan from Catalyst Athletics–I have tried doing a few Catalyst programs in the past, but both times have been stalled by illness (last spring) and injury (stitches from a dermatology thing this past November) and then never found myself back on track (And yes, I’m starting on a Thursday… it just fits better in my schedule that way). And I’m hoping that this will give me some focus and, if nothing else, maybe make me a little hungrier.

So in the meantime, I am still working on making ETP work for me. Two nights ago, I had two burger patties with 2 cups of brown rice for dinner, and I had to coach myself through the second half of the meal. Who knew eating so much could be so hard?

14.2 and Eat to Perform

image (12)

Luckily, Joy was there last week when I did 14.2, and she took pics of me without me even having to ask. Oh, blogger/podcast friends. They are the best.

Not gonna lie, I did not get too worked up about 14.2. Overhead squats are my favorite lift, but I haven’t practiced Chest-to-Bar pull-ups since last year’s Open, when I got my first C2Bs ever in 13.4. So I knew that I could link the first 10 OH squats, but I also knew that it was going to take a miracle for me to get 10 C2B pull-ups in the remaining 2 minutes. I went into the workout just hoping to get at least three C2B pull-ups, which is exactly how many I got. I’m not thrilled with my score, mostly because it highlights how little I’ve worked on pull-ups in the last year, but I feel like I did my best. And it was tons of fun because there were a lot of people from the previous class who stayed to cheer us on, and everyone went crazy when I got my first C2B after two initial failed attempts, which was pretty great! Oh, and Brandon killed it with 110 reps–even better than Bob Harper! What a stud.

And now, onto 14.3! What do you think it’s going to be?

In other non-Open related news (is there such a thing this time of year?), this week I am starting to experiment more closely with Eat to Perform. I bought a membership to the site back in November, but never really took much time to figure out how to use it, and honestly found their site pretty difficult to wade through in order to get to the basics of what I was supposed to be doing. They have a TON of information on there, but I felt like all of the questions and FAQs assumed a baseline knowledge of counting macros and planning meals that I did not have. So after seeing Jen from Wine to Weightlifting write a post about her ETP experiences, I finally reached out to her to get the inside scoop on how the heck to get started.

The biggest thing that both Jen and the ETP site have driven home so far is that I need to get ready to eat a LOT more than I have been. ETP also encourages lots of non-Paleo carbs, like rice and cereal. I eat rice (mostly in the form of sushi) about once a week or so, but have noticed that if I try to incorporate it on a more regular basis, I tend to feel pretty bloated. A lot of people can eat grains without any issues, but I have always had a ridiculously sensitive digestive system, so I am looking forward to experimenting with how to get enough calories and macros without compromising my gut health. As always, I’ll keep you posted!

14.1: Finally, Some Double Unders


Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of me doing 14.1. In fact, I am always amazed at the plethora of photos that other bloggers seem to have of themselves in the midst of working out. How do you get these photos? Do you have a personal photographer? I mean, if I propped my phone up on a box and worked out in front of it, I would get no end of ridicule. This is a serious question. How does that work?

Anyway, moving on to the actual workout and not just the photojournalism aspect… When Dave Castro announced 14.1, I was thrilled. As you all know, I LOVE double unders… they are the one thing in CrossFit that I really feel like I am awesome at. Everything else I am still trying to figure out, but double unders are my jam. I know that double unders are a pretty polarizing topic, so let me say that they have not always been my favorite thing–in fact, for the first several months of CrossFit, I struggled to link more than 1 or 2. But then, about 6 months into CrossFit, I bought my own jump rope and dedicated 10 or 15 minutes after every WOD to mastering the double under. Many, many whip marks and thrown jump ropes later, I finally started linking 10… and then 15… and then 30… and now can link 60 or 70 on a consistent basis, with my double-under PR at 110. (If you are struggling with double unders, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of having your own rope… not necessarily because a rope you would buy yourself might be a better quality than the ones your gym provides, but because being able to practice with the same rope consistently is a huge X factor in making double unders happen. I started with an Rx Jump Rope with an Ultra 1.8 cable, and now have a Rogue SR-1 Bearing Speed Rope.)

Last year, double unders appeared only once in the Open… and they were after 150 wall balls. OH THE INJUSTICE. So I felt like this made up for it. And then 55# ground-to-overhead wasn’t the lightest weight for me, but I felt was totally doable.

I went into the workout guns blazing. A little too blazing. I skipped on my 13th DU, but then recovered and managed to link all of the DUs for the rest of the WOD. The snatches got heavy fast, but I had a plan for pacing. My goal for the WOD was to get through 3 full rounds and into the DUs of the 4th round–hoping for at least a score of 150. I figured that 30 seconds of DUs, plus 10 seconds per snatch, was a reasonable pace, considering that 55# is almost 70% of my 1RM snatch. In my 3rd round, I decided to switch to C&J, which in retrospect I probably should have done the whole time, but oh well. The C&J took longer per rep, but required way less rest, so ultimately it evened out.

In the end, I came out with 174, only 6 reps shy of 4 full rounds. I was super happy with my score, and even though I may have been able to improve by a few reps if I had re-done the WOD using C&J the whole time, I decided to stick with my score. And now I am sitting comfortably in 2,486th place in the Southwest Region, which is about 500 places better than my 13.1 finish. So I’ll take it!

And now I am just hoping that 14.2 is as kind to me as 14.1 was… but I think we all know that it won’t be. Unknown and unknowable, right?

PS, I am still waiting for Dave Castro to program the Limbo in the Open. Balance? Check. Flexibility? Check. Agility? Check. Coordination? Check. Accuracy? Check. Measurable and repeatable? Check. I mean c’mon.

Short Hair Don’t Care


I apologize for my weird lazy eye in this photo. What the heck.

Surprise! On Friday afternoon, I chopped about 10 inches of hair off and am now sportin’ a fancy, spunky new pixie cut! Some of you may remember that I had pretty short hair when I started this blog (almost exactly 2 years ago! yikes!), and in fact I had a pixie cut in October 2011, which was fantastic. However, I decided to grow it out and so I spent about a year and a half complaining about how awkward my hair was… and then I got engaged, and everyone told me that I had to grow my hair out for the wedding. Well, I did, and I’m glad that I did because my hair at the wedding was great… but for the last 2 months I’ve been just waiting to get excited about my long hair… and it just wasn’t happening.

Everyone says, “Oh, long hair is so great because you can do so much with it!” Or, if you’re me, you can wear it in a ponytail every day for 26 years. Check. So last week I finally made an appointment to chop off all my hair. And I love it, but I am definitely still getting used to it. I have this weird thing where I really really hate having fluffy hair, and short hair is very much at risk of being fluffy (especially when it’s clean), so I am still learning what I need to do to make it look the way I want it to. But it’s SO much easier than long hair–showering takes like 10 seconds, and I don’t have to pull any hair out of the drain afterwards–and despite the back of my neck getting seriously cold when I was skiing, the adjustment period has actually been pretty easy. Although for the first 2 days I did do a double-take every time I saw myself in the mirror. And then I found this quote, and it made me feel all empowered about my haircut.


So this is just a quick little post to say that, if you are thinking of going for a pixie cut–especially after seeing all the gorgeous short haircuts on the red carpet last night–then DO IT! The best part? If you hate it, it will grow back. But you won’t hate it. Seriously. Short hair is the best.

My Spring CrossFit Wishlist

It’s almost spriiiiing! We have not exactly had a brutal winter here in Colorado, and there’s still March and April to contend with (which are actually statistically the snowiest months in this state), but even a crappy day in March is not half as bad as a crappy day in January because you know that it’s ALMOST SPRING!

The days have been getting longer, and that has been amazing. I love leaving work when it’s still light out, and since I don’t WOD in the early mornings, I have no fear of Daylight Savings Time. In fact, I am all for stealing an hour of sunlight from the morning and putting it in at the end of the day. Sounds good to me.

With a new season comes BOOTY SHORTS! I am coveting a few things for my CrossFit closet right now, and I am also on a mission to find a new brand of leggings that A. Don’t cost more than $50 per pair, B. Don’t show butt sweat, C. Don’t ride up or fall down, and D. Are cute. Is that so much to ask, Legging Gods?

spring wish list

1. Reversible Bang Buster Headband in Bali Breeze from Lululemon

2. Studio Legging in Punch Pink from Reebok

3. Intensify Shorts in Blue from Reebok

4. Speed Shorts in Cadet Blue/Stripe from Lululemon

5. Strength & Dignity Racerback Tank from LevelOne Apparel

Don’t you love that last tank top? I found it on Etsy… I love finding little CrossFit vendors on there! What spring gear are you coveting this season?

UPDATE! LevelOne Apparel was so psyched to see their shirt on my wishlist that they are offering 10% off to all of my readers! Use code ‘lvl1ascent10‘ and get shopping! (PS, only valid on their site, not on Etsy; the link above has been updated but you can shop their whole collection here:

In closing, I would like to offer this piece of clothing from Reebok up for interpretation. What conditions would have to exist for this to make sense? A crop top… with sleeves. It’s cold out, but not so cold that I want to cover any of my torso? I want to get sweaty, but only in my armpits? Kids these days.


Insomnia and Half Ski Days

This month has been a little crazy. But here’s your catch-up.


The first thing that happened this month is that I got sick. The kind of sick where you are sick enough to hate your life, but not sick enough to really stay home from work, which I think might be worse than just being so sick that you throw in the towel and sleep all day. Brandon is in full-swing in his new job, but his schedule changes every week, and sometimes he works 7am-3:30pm, and sometimes he works 3pm-11:30pm, and sometimes even 7am-7pm. So our life schedule, not to mention our WOD schedule, has been puh-retty random. And amongst all that, we have been trying to eat Zone (which has been marginally successful), get enough sleep, have a life, and maybe even go skiing a few times.

The sleeping part has been going well for me, because not only is sleeping my second favorite activity (after eating), but I am pretty sure I have borderline narcolepsy and can literally fall asleep within about 10 minutes at any given point of the day. Brandon, on the other hand, has officially diagnosed himself with chronic insomnia. He falls asleep quickly, but then wakes up constantly throughout the night, getting only a few hours of sleep after all is said and done, and this is a pretty new problem that has cropped up since he started this job in December.

As of today we have decided to attack this problem, potentially starting with a Whole30 or similar (even though he eats pretty clean, there is still a lot of cheese and some grains in his diet), limiting his coffee intake to before 10am, and trying to standardize his wake-up time (since unfortunately he can’t standardize his bedtime since he sometimes doesn’t get home until after midnight). He is also thinking about trying Melatonin supplements. Have you ever dealt with insomnia? What worked for you?

//Having a life has also been a bit of a challenge, but we have been on some really great date nights in the past few weeks. On Valentine’s Day we went to sushi, and then to Canvas & Cocktails, which is one of those really cute places where you drink wine and paint masterpieces. I was very proud of Brandon for coming up with that idea all on his own, and despite us both thinking it was going to be a little cheesey, it was actually REALLY fun.

This past Friday night we went out to sushi again (what can I say, I LOVE sushi), and then went to the Denver Museum of Modern Art. There was a new exhibit opening, so after the “Member’s Only” opening, the public was allowed in for only 10 cents. Pretty hard to beat that. Even though the new exhibit was the most hipster thing I’ve ever been a part of.One of the “pieces” was a little pedestal with a light on it that flashed Lady Gaga’s Twitter Feed in morse code. Another “piece” was a series of photos of what looked like chocolate bars, only to find out that they were SPACE bars, and the description talked about how this series “explored the irony of the space bar, which is meant to create space, but takes up the most space on a standard keyboard.” I mean really. I could not make this stuff up.


Last but not least, we have been trying to get a few good ski days in this season, and so far so good. After that awesome ski lesson I had a few weeks ago, I booked another one, but then had to reschedule when I got sick, and then missed it anyway because on Saturday night I was awake from 2am-4am with a back spasm (where the heck did that come from, is what I wanna know). We almost didn’t go skiing at all yesterday, but realized that we so frequently talk ourselves out of going up to the mountains, but always are grateful we made the effort when we do. Even though we didn’t get on the slopes until almost Noon and were driving away by 3:30, we went for quality over quantity and both got some really great skiing in. I spent some more time in moguls, and it’s definitely slow progress, but I’m getting there. And it really is always, always worth it to get out of the city and into the mountains, even if it’s only for a few hours.

So that’s my life right now. Oh, and the Open starts this week. But that is a post for another day.

OH AND we finally got the wedding pictures back! You can click here to check out a slideshow of the highlights on our photographer’s blog! Get excited. They are pretty great.


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