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I am well aware that there is still half a week left in 2012, but I have decided to just treat it as blank space in which you don’t have to do anything except plan how you’re going to make up for all the nothing-doing once 2013 starts. This feeling is especially strong because we are spending the final week of 2012 in Wisconsin, visiting The BF’s fam and eating as much dairy and gluten as we can get our hands on. We did do a drop-in WOD this morning at CrossFit Sanctify: 12 minute AMAP of 12 wall balls, 9 toes to bar, and 6 box jumps. Why is it always wall balls??

But luckily this gives me lots of free time to think and re-think and over-think about my New Year’s Resolutions. I mean, it’s pretty much the ultimate list-making exercise. And I really, really love lists (and I also really, really love over-thinking).

However, I am decidedly less good at completing lists than I am at writing them. Take my Fall 2012 Health Goals for example. One of my goals was to keep a detailed food journal. I hate keeping food journals and I am terrible at it, but somehow decided that because it was on my goal list that would make it more appealing. However, I have yet to record a single meal. I also have only read one “health or fitness related book,” and even then I listened to it on audiobook on my commute. I mean, I’ll count it, but that’s not exactly what I was going for.

Then there are the tactical mistakes. I didn’t realize how much shoulder stamina it would have taken for me to have been able to get a pull-up, a handstand push-up, AND a strict ring dip. It’s almost impossible to work on all 3 of those in one day in any meaningful way, especially after a WOD where you’ve already been doing push-ups or pull-ups or kb swings or any shoulder move whatsoever. I’m getting closer–I can now hold myself steady for a few seconds between the rings, something I couldn’t even come close to doing a few months ago. I am also infuriatingly close to nailing the strict pull-up. But I am really nowhere closer to a handstand push-up than I’ve ever been. Ultimately, it was unrealistic to think that I could go from zero to hero with all of those moves in one season.

And then there are the short-term goals, long-term goals, definitely-attainable goals, not-so-attainable goals, goals I write down that I know I will accomplish in the next week just so I can have something to check off, and goals I make just to give me an excuse to do what I already like doing. Like eating bacon. The BF’s sister gave me an amazing cookbook for Christmas full of recipes with BACON as the main ingredient. Maybe one of my resolutions will be to try them all.

Do you take New Year’s Resolutions seriously? What are some you are thinking of for this year?

  • Jennifer Hudy

    What an awesome cookbook! I love bacon but for some reason can’t get past the idea that people like to use bacon IN stuff or WITH stuff. I like mine straight up. None of that bacon wrapped-whatevers, or bacon in casseroles or bacon on top of ice cream.. Meh, just plain yummy, greasy, fatty bacon. :)

    • clairechapman

      Oh don’t get me wrong, I still love bacon in its unadulterated glory! But I am also looking forward to bloody marys rimmed with bacon bits… :)

  • jessie

    Do a pull up and read through my 365 Chronological Bible. Fingers are crossed for a good 2013!


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