Say You Wanna Dance

This morning might have been the most fun I have ever had at CrossFit. 1. It is a blizzard outside, which always makes things more interesting; 2. I was/am still wearing my bright pink spandex from Wod Gear (so much for Lulu, huh?); and 3. We were listening to 80′s Cardio Radio. The whole time.

We split up into two teams, with three boys and three girls on each team. Each team had to complete five “events,” and then we compared our scores. The first event was a burpee/leap frog relay, then max effort holding a 25-pound plate (45 for the fellas) over your head, then 7 minutes to find your back squat max with 3 people to a bar (so it was a bit of a scramble), then max effort kettlebell swings, then max effort forearm plank hold. So, pretty much like track and field day. Which I did not love as a kid, but today it redeemed itself.

Not only did I go up 10 pounds in my squat max (from 135 to 145!), but I killed it on the 2nd event, keeping the plate over my head for 7:30 and only putting it down because everyone else was done and I kind of felt like it was time to move on. I have crazy elbows that “hyper-express” themselves… meaning that when I lock my arms out, they actually form a reflex angle (if you aren’t brushed up on your geometry terms, that means they extend well beyond just being “straight”), which meant that I could lock my arms out and barely have to use my muscles at all. This has been the first time that has actually helped me with anything in life, so I was puh-retty excited to finally discover my secret talent.

Who am I kidding. The real reason I was able to keep that plate up for so long was because this song was playing.


Happy weekend!

  • NJ Paleo

    sounds like a great workout!


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