Shit You Can Only Say to CrossFit Girls

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So there’s Shit CrossFit Girls Say, which I love. I think my favorite one is either “Is this a legume? What’s a legume?” or “3…2…Hold on I have to pee!” because I am definitely guilty of both of those things. I also have absolutely reassured my friends as they stare at me with alarm while I dig into a plate of nachos that, “It’s ok, it’s cheat day!”

But there is also another category that they left out, which is Shit You Can Only Say to CrossFit Girls. We are a unique breed of women who aren’t afraid to get dirty, sweaty, and even a little bloody, who are proud of our palm callouses and who want nothing more out of life than a bomber hookgrip and a pair of booty shorts that don’t ride up. We don’t want to hear that our skin looks soft or that we’re looking thin. The rules are different when you are talking to a CrossFit Girl.

Shit You Can Only Say to CrossFit Girls

  1. Nice rack!
  2. Hey, you want some of my meat?
  3. Your hands are so rough!
  4. Can you clean this for me?
  5. Did you gain weight?
  6. Come on, you can take it deeper than that…
  7. You’re huge!
  8. You’re a beast!
  9. Let’s tag-team Angie later.
  10. I love your man shoulders!
  11. Should you be eating that?
  12. Way to really get under that snatch.
  13. Jerk it! Faster!
  14. Those shorts are really tight on you.
  15. Your ass looks massive!

In fact, I’m pretty sure that if someone told me that my ass looks huge it would be one of the best compliments I could get right now.

Come on CrossFit women, what would you add to this list??

UPDATE: My dad just read this post, walked into the room (in case you are new here, I work with my dad), and says with a very serious face, “Claire… can you stand up?” So I stood up… then he says, very seriously, “Turn around for a second…” So I turned around, thinking he was about to brush a giant spider off me or something… But no, the next words out of his mouth were:

“Your ass is HUGE!”

Thanks, Dad. :)

  • Simone

    Ha! I love this.

  • Lisa

    “You kip is amazing!” “where did you get that headband!?” “Im jealous of your snatch” “I’m zoning some m&m’s into my diet today”

    • clairechapman

      hahaha I wonder how many m&ms would be in a block!

  • Courtney

    haha this is awesome.

  • Gabby

  • The Travelling Chopsticks

    Ha ha this post made me laugh! Your dad seems like a cutie!

  • Shilpa

    I love this! I can’t think of a short way to put it, but something along the lines of “my sports bra is too small because my lats are too big”
    Seriously though, this happened.

  • NJ Paleo

    This is awesome! And I cracked up about what your dad said!

    Something like, “your upper body outgrew all your jackets” (happened to me)

  • Theresa

    Hahahaha!!! (at your dad’s comment) Awesome to be supported!

  • 4gooddogs

    Thanks for the huge ass comment! I still stress bc my thighs and ass have outgrown all my pre-CF jeans.

  • Jennifer

    Ha.. love it Claire! :) I’ve started to get closer with some girls at my gym and it’s pretty much nice there is nothing off-limits to say! :)

  • Maggie

    “stick your boobs and ass out more!”

    • clairechapman

      HA literal LOL moment over here on this one!

  • NancyMaeRidicule

    Just started following your blog! Good read :). A personal favorite saying of mine is
    “For a good time, call Fran 30-15-9. Maybe not so much to other girls, but funny nonetheless!

    • Nancy Mae Haushinka

      I meant 21. Oh geez. Imagine Fran starting at 30!

      • clairechapman

        Hahaha omg that would be SO miserable…

  • fanofdmb

    your dad sounds awesome. that made me smile.:)

  • Sarah

    Coach told me I had too much stripper ass the other day! Lol. Apparently I shoot my knees back too early and push my booty back when I snatch.

  • Melissa

    “My husband bought me a barbell for our anniversary! Isn’t that romantic?!” True story. My coach said “wow! He must looovvve you!”


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