Snow and Wendler

I meant to write a post for you this weekend. I really did. But then, I went skiing. And then, it started to snow (yes, after I went skiing. bad timing). Snow is not a super unusual thing here in Colorado, but the snow did something that it hasn’t done yet this year… it KEPT snowing!

snow shovelin

Brandon and Luna, shoveling the 2-foot snowdrift that was blocking our front door.

Today I am trying to decide whether to WOD or to go to a book signing for the Smitten Kitchen cookbook. If you are not familiar with Smitten Kitchen, you should be. This woman is spunky and hilarious, and uses plenty of butter, cream, and brown sugar in her recipes. Not in a Paula Deen sort of way, but more in a you-too-can-replicate-New-York’s-finests-cuisines-in-your-75-square-foot-kitchen sort of way. However, I’ve heard rumors that today’s WOD might involve snow angels. And I mean really, who can pass that up?

This is also the 2nd week in our 4-week Wendler cycle. I’ve mentioned the Wendler cycle before–it’s a 4-week lifting program where you work 1 lift a day, 3 days a week (so, 3 different lifts), with various load and rep structures based on your 1 rep max that are designed to allow you to significantly increase your 1 rep max over a short period of time.  This is our 3rd round of 4-week sets, and though most members of our gym have seen big gains in their maxes, I have yet to increase in almost anything–I went up in my OH Squat but I think that had a lot more to do with just getting comfortable holding a weight over my head like that. In fact, I haven’t even been able to repeat my deadlift max from the beginning of December, much less build on it.

Last week when I asked TJ what he thought I was doing, or not doing, that was holding me back in our Wendler cycles, we started talking about recovery. Trying to ensure him that I haven’t been over-doing it, I said, “I don’t ever really feel totally destroyed after a WOD, I feel sore but other than Fran (which, side note, took me almost 10 days to fully recover from…) my body is never totally wrecked.” “Well then maybe you need to be going heavier or faster in the WODs,” he said. “I mean, I don’t feel like you aren’t giving your full effort every time, but maybe you need to push yourself a little more.”

That one comment has been smoldering in my brain for the past week, because I know that he’s right. I have gotten into the habit of holding back at the beginning of a WOD and then not really pushing it until the very end, trying to use up every last ounce of energy and strength before the clock stops. But there is a fine line between pacing and sandbagging, and I think I’ve known that I’ve been flirting with it for a while.

Last Friday I was making my way through “Jackie” and found myself working through 30 pull-ups in sets of 1 and 2. Usually I would have been cursing, grunting, and thinking of nothing more than, “Get me out of here!” And while I was definitely cursing and grunting, every time I slipped off the bar, all I could think was, “I can do more than this.”

So here we go. This week, it’s time to start doing more.

Leave it to your coach to know what to say to turn your motivation back on.

(PS, congrats to the winner of our Latitude Gear Rx giveaway, Laurel Cedarblade! Thank you so much to everyone who entered!)

  • Sheila @ The FailteHouse

    I saw – go to the book signing and wake up early and WOD tomorrow :) PS – saw that soup recipe below and looks soo good too :)

    • Sheila @ The FailteHouse

      And by “saw”, I mean “say” :)

      • clairechapman

        Haha I ended up going to CrossFit because the signing sold out! Wasn’t anticipate that happening, but at least it helped me make my decision :) And yes, that soup is amazing, I would highly recommend it…


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