Spring Catch Up

It’s spring! I just love spring. It’s the best.

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This past weekend Brandon and I went to Moab for an impromptu little desert trip. I love that town so much. Someday I will move back and we will sit in the river and drink 3.2 beer because it’s Utah and everything will be great.

But until then, here we are.

The Open ended without much fanfare. I skipped 14.4 because I just didn’t want to deal with it, and 14.5 took me 27:35, a time that I wasn’t particularly proud of. I think I went way too hot out of the gates for the round of 21 and 18 thrusters/burpees, leaving me totally flattened for the rest of the WOD, but I wasn’t about to re-do it. Better luck next year I guess.

My Catalyst program is going pretty well, but I’ve been stalled a bit because of weekend trips like this past week, so instead of being on week 5, I redid week 2 two weeks ago, skipped all but 2 days of week 3 last week, and so I’m back on week 3 this week. I’m seeing some progress–last week I had a few heavy snatches that felt really good, and while I’m not nailing every single one and am still definitely letting my head get the best of me when the bar gets heavy, it’s getting easier to make those heavy attempts. But my schedule is going to settle down a little for the next month, so it will be easier for me to maintain a more consistent lifting and WOD schedule, rather than just fitting it in where I can, which I’m excited about.

So I guess the moral of the story is that not much has happened in the past 10 days or so except for spring springing. Which, don’t get me wrong, is really exciting.

Oh! I did make these marshmallows from Urban Poser! The only ingredients are water, grass-fed beef gelatin, honey (kind of a LOT of honey, like a full cup), and some vanilla. The instructions make it sound really scary, but as long as you have a candy thermometer (we had to buy one for this recipe, it cost less than $3) and a stand mixer or buddy (we went with the latter), it is actually really straightforward to make them. And they are SO delicious. And with grass-fed beef gelatin! Joint health marshmallows, right?

  • Shilpa

    Um, so when you move to Moab, you should open a CF gym there. There may or may not be one opening sometime in the near or distant future. Not that I actually live in Moab, but like you I LOVE it there, and dream about moving there someday and kind of stalk the town, as much as someone can stalk an actual town. It’s got everything but CrossFit!

    • clairechapman

      Oh I have thought about it… so much so that I actually used to own the domain for crossfitmoab.com! So when the guy who is starting the crossfit down there registered his affiliate name, I sold the domain to him and we have been in touch ever since. Apparently they are very much in the process of opening one (it was supposed to open last summer) but have had no end of problems with construction, which doesn’t surprise me because you have to drive 90 minutes to the nearest Home Depot. Nonetheless, it has crossed my mind about 1000x…


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