My Spring CrossFit Wishlist

It’s almost spriiiiing! We have not exactly had a brutal winter here in Colorado, and there’s still March and April to contend with (which are actually statistically the snowiest months in this state), but even a crappy day in March is not half as bad as a crappy day in January because you know that it’s ALMOST SPRING!

The days have been getting longer, and that has been amazing. I love leaving work when it’s still light out, and since I don’t WOD in the early mornings, I have no fear of Daylight Savings Time. In fact, I am all for stealing an hour of sunlight from the morning and putting it in at the end of the day. Sounds good to me.

With a new season comes BOOTY SHORTS! I am coveting a few things for my CrossFit closet right now, and I am also on a mission to find a new brand of leggings that A. Don’t cost more than $50 per pair, B. Don’t show butt sweat, C. Don’t ride up or fall down, and D. Are cute. Is that so much to ask, Legging Gods?

spring wish list

1. Reversible Bang Buster Headband in Bali Breeze from Lululemon

2. Studio Legging in Punch Pink from Reebok

3. Intensify Shorts in Blue from Reebok

4. Speed Shorts in Cadet Blue/Stripe from Lululemon

5. Strength & Dignity Racerback Tank from LevelOne Apparel

Don’t you love that last tank top? I found it on Etsy… I love finding little CrossFit vendors on there! What spring gear are you coveting this season?

UPDATE! LevelOne Apparel was so psyched to see their shirt on my wishlist that they are offering 10% off to all of my readers! Use code ‘lvl1ascent10‘ and get shopping! (PS, only valid on their site, not on Etsy; the link above has been updated but you can shop their whole collection here:

In closing, I would like to offer this piece of clothing from Reebok up for interpretation. What conditions would have to exist for this to make sense? A crop top… with sleeves. It’s cold out, but not so cold that I want to cover any of my torso? I want to get sweaty, but only in my armpits? Kids these days.


  • B

    Claire! Also looking forward to Spring! Here in PA, the Winter has been brutal. SO ready for shorty shorts and tanks! But for now, LEGGINGS. Believe it or not, I’ve found that JCPenny’s workout capri leggings are perfect for my (and I think your) body type. a) around $20 and under b) no swamp a$$ c) stay put (EVEN WHEN SQUATTING, which is always my biggest thing) d) legitimately cute. I’ve tried the Lululemons, Nikes, Under Armors, etc etc and they all sit in my drawer while my “cheap” Penny’s are being worn. Best of luck!

    • clairechapman

      Awesome! I am on it! Thanks for the rec :)

  • Jill

    @B going to have to check out jcpenny. do you know the brand? i am a little bigger waist wise then you and claire but $20 is worth a shot.

    i have two pairs of the “run jump play crop” from but i got both on sale and they do stay up but they are not as soft as lulu and the india blue i have for sure says crotch sweat. i am waiting on a pair from i backed them on kickstarter but she says she is going to start selling them soon. i want to try wodgears capris but saving money to get some more shorts right now.

    • clairechapman

      I have a few pairs of wodgears and I really like them, but they don’t have full-length leggings anymore which bums me out. The werkshop designs are just a little too much for my taste, but if they are a good fit let me know!

    • B

      @disqus_ERqh2SXMia:disqus the Penny brand is called “XERSION.” they have a lot of Spring-weather workout clothing out right now (at least in the stores I frequent). 1/4 zips, full-zips, capris, full-length leggings, tanks, tees, etc etc. the leggings have drawstrings that allow for a comfy fit for probably any waist size and they allow for “muscle-y” quads/glutes/hams – a MUST. :) hope this helps.

      • Simone

        Aah, don’t tempt me, B!! I want one of each! :)

  • Simone

    Okay, I’m going to have to try JCP for leggings now! In the meantime, I love underarmour and the ones I get are usually $45 if you do want to try those.

    Also, world’s best headbands:

    It’s a high of 3 degrees here in WI tomorrow. BRING ON THE SPRING!

    • clairechapman

      Oh god. Yeah after this winter, I’ve told Brandon that his hypothetical someday-we-might-move-to-Wisconsin idea is officially OFF the table! Ugh. Hang in there!

      • Simone

        I love WI otherwise, but yeah… I’m suspecting that Colorado is better. :)

  • Heather

    Re: Long Sleeve Crop
    Maybe on those atlas stone days where you’re like “Man, I wish I had a shirt that covered my arms, but I can still show off my six pack. If only there were a way!”

    • clairechapman

      HA! But what about the stones rubbing on your belly…? I just don’t understand. I also don’t really “get” those running sleeves either, and this feels pretty similar. Like if you want to wear a shirt, just wear a shirt…

  • Marissa

    BAHAHAH “don’t show butt sweat” For real though, it’s a true struggle!! I live in leggings and it’s kind of pathetic that I own more pairs of black spandex than I do real pants. Oops!

    • clairechapman

      Oh I feel ya! I own 3 pairs of jeans–only one of which I wear regularly–but probably 6 or 7 pairs of spandex. It’s a problem.

      • Simone

        Seriously. I need to find a day job that lets me wear fitness gear all the time. :)

  • Dawn

    Love the bang busters! I competed at a local crossfit competition this weekend where Stacie Tovar competed…she wore this long sleeve crop top Friday night for the clean and jerk ladder! Looked great on her…not something I would ever purchase

    • Alex Meyer

      Were you at Battle of the Bluffs??? I’m in Des Moines which is quasi-local to that so I’m just being a creeper. And I need more CF friends ;).

      • Dawn

        Yes!! I’m actually in Pella :) How did the competition go for you??

        • Alex Meyer

          I didn’t compete (still much too new to CF) but I was following along on the FB page and whatnot (how I knew about Stacie Tovar). Did you compete? How’d it go? Also … I’m from Pella originally!

          Are you on Twitter?

          • Alex Meyer

            Also, I’m @AlexTriesitOut there and on Instagram, FB, etc.!

          • Dawn

            Small world!! You should visit CrossFit Pella if you are ever back! I’ll go find you on there :) I’m not on twitter much but love instagram.

            The competition was fun! It was my first one and I did the scaled team with a friend. We finished in the top half :) So much fun to watch the elites too!

          • Alex Meyer

            I’ve thought about it – my parents are still there so I’m back periodically, but not typically for more than a couple days.

            That’s awesome! Nice job. I’m not so sure when I’ll do my first competition – maybe the MAT games depending on the scaled workout??

            I go to Crossfit Primal in Waukee/Johnston, btw.

    • clairechapman

      Haha I mean that girl could wear a mumu and I’d be like yeah, ok, that works! I also saw it on Andrea Ager and she can pull it off… but us normal folk? Like who is the audience for this? lol

  • Melanie W

    HAHA! yeah when I looked at that long sleeve crop top instantly I though, “this is for someone who really wants to show off their abs…” Not for me. When Im at the gym I like my arms to be cool.

    • clairechapman

      Right! I actually remember seeing this at the CrossFit Games in the Reebok tent as like an “experimental” piece and the designer asked if I’d ever wear it and I was like “NO!” and she goes “Oh, I designed it…” I was like “Um… I mean… I just don’t like to have my abs showing… *back pedal back pedal*” Oops :)

  • Alex Meyer

    Ah, just when I was thinking I needed to save my monies … now I want to go shop for some new, fun gear!

    Finding capris that fit all those criteria? A STRUGGLE. Gross.

    Also, I hate long sleeves. Unless I’m running, in which case, I still don’t get why I’d want to show off my belly button …

    • clairechapman

      Right! I like long sleeves… if it’s cold. In which case I would also need my core, aka the main source of my body heat, to be covered! Lol

  • Kelsey Ann Yoki

    Why are bottoms so hard to shop for!? With my birthday money, I had no problem finding new tanks…but bottoms are harder!

  • Crystal Ware

    I’m happy to see that our wishlist for bottoms is exactly the same! Especially butt sweat. :) And the pink punch leggings are super cute. I feel like a crop top is for those girls that really want to impress at the gym. I’m usually so gross and sweaty that no one comes within a 5 foot radius.


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