Spring Faves

Guys. It’s spring. Finally!

In fact, it’s almost just downright summer. Two weeks ago, it was snowing at this moment. Now, it’s almost 90 degrees. Oh Colorado, we love you.

I have decided that spring is for booty shorts, salmon, and buckets of tulips on my coffee table. Here are some of the other things I am loving right now…


Whole Foods’ Chimichurri Spice Blend. I seriously have been putting this crap on everything, from fish to chicken to eggs. It is SO delicious and fresh-tasting. You can make your own version here.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin face moisturized with SPF 15. I am a burner, big time, and I love this stuff because it isn’t oily and I can wear it to outdoor WODs without worrying about smelling like sunscreen–sometimes I even put it on my legs because it doesn’t get as slippery as normal sunscreen. Also, raft guide pro tip: Wear a hat but don’t put sunscreen on your forehead, that way it won’t run into your eyes when you sweat.


This flour-free sweet potato pancakes recipe. They are pretty delicate and took me a few tries to get a batch in one piece, but dang, they are so tasty.

Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. So salty and chocolatey and delicious.

But even more than that, Primal Blueprint’s Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Coconut Bark. Take 1 cup of coconut oil, melt it in with about 1/2 cup of dark chocolate chips, pour it in a pie tin or plate that’s been lined with parchment paper. Sprinkle a little bit of shredded coconut, coarse sea salt, and you can even add sliced almonds if you want to. Put it in the freezer for about 30 minutes and voila! SO. TASTY.

Sparkling water. Have I gone over this yet? I am seriously going through a bottle a day of sparkling water. I used to have one of those at-home water-fizzers but I ran out of gas and haven’t ever refilled… so for now, I should probably just buy stock in the Sprouts Market store brand sparkling water.


These Lululemon booty shorts. 1, they make me feel like a badass and 2, they encourage me to shave my legs, which is important now that it isn’t the dead of winter anymore. I need all the encouragement I can get in the normal-hygiene-routines department.

And last but not least… Leg makeup! Stay with me here. When I was in that wedding a few weeks ago, I picked up a bottle of Sally Hansen’s leg makeup for like $10 at Target. It’s basically foundation in an aerosol can that you spray on your legs. It gives you a little bit of color but mostly just makes you look like you have super even skin tone and even a little tiny bit of glitter. And it didn’t rub off AT ALL. I had just shaved my legs about 10 minutes before applying it so I was probably pretty well exfoliated, but it didn’t rub off on my dress, the chair I sat in while I got my makeup done, or even the tops of my shoes that rubbed against it all night. It did, however, come off pretty easily with soap and water at the end of the night. If you are going to attend (or be in) a wedding or event this summer that’s outdoors and too hot for pantyhose, seriously try this stuff!

What are your faves right now?

  • Theresa

    Oh to have a young, non-saggy butt….no booty shorts for me! :)

    • clairechapman

      I think you mean time for more squats ;)

      • Theresa

        Ha! Yes!! More squats, but I still won’t wear booty shorts. :)

  • http://twitter.com/SnowfoxBandit Simone

    Remind me about that chocolate bark in 2 weeks when I’m done with Whole30, because ZOMG.

    Also, those shorts are so cute they make me want to buy my first pair of booty shorts. But $54?! Sad face, lulu. :(

    • clairechapman

      Omg. So worth it though. I’m wearing them right now… At work… YUP.

      • http://twitter.com/SnowfoxBandit Simone

        Dude, are you guys hiring?? I’ll commute 1000 miles…

  • Bridget

    I love your blog….your straight to the point attitude. Random…but I have a sister moving to Denver in July. Can u recommend the must see spots…got to go to food spots….omg u got to go here!!!

    • clairechapman

      Thanks Bridget! Where in Denver is she moving to? Does she CrossFit? ;)
      I live in the Highlands (a little neighborhood just NW of downtown) and my favorite restaurants are El Camino (best. nachos. ever), Sushi Bay ($25 all you can eat sushi on Sundays!), Spicy Ginger (a sushi restaurant in Cherry Creek with AWESOME sweet potato tempura rolls), US Thai (whatever you do, don’t order Hot… In fact, don’t even order Medium… stick with Mild or Mild+…), and my absolute FAVORITE restaurant in Denver is this amazing little French restaurant called Z Cuisine. It is so flippin cute. I also LOVE The Kitchen (American Bistro style, right downtown), and there is a new restaurant called Old Major that is awesome but a little pricey.
      As for must-see spots…I guess most of my must-see spots are restaurants anyway :) Definitely tell her to “splurge” on a $5 ticket to sit in the Rock Pile at a Rockies Game, it’s worth it :)

  • Evan;salt, dogs, and duct tape

    I’m pretty excited about that dark chocolate bark recipe. A solid, dark, distracting when I’m barefoot, Chaco tan is my sure sign of summer.

    • clairechapman

      When I was a raft guide I had an amazing, amazing Chaco tan. Which is impressive because I can’t tan ANYWHERE, EVER. But a super intense Chaco tan was like a badge of honor on the river :)

  • http://www.njpaleorunner.wordpress.com/ NJ Paleo

    I think I need to get that leg makeup to wear WITH the booty shorts! My legs are so white right now that I might blind someone. I’m going to have to try that sweet potato pancake recipe. I’ll eat anything with sweet potatoes in it. And I love anything Lululemon though my wallet doesn’t agree…

    • clairechapman

      Hahaha now THAT is a great idea…

  • Erin

    Sweet potato pancakes, my girls will love those on school days…and every day! What protein powder do you use in them?
    Love the new look of your site! I love reading your blog every new post. And hopefully my booty will be ready for booty shorts in a few weeks when it’s warm enough for shorts. I’m having shoulder surgery in five days and it will keep me out of crossfit for THREE TO FOUR MONTHS!! Do air squats and lunges are all I can do after the first two weeks post op.

    • clairechapman

      Dang! That is rough! You are going to get awesome at air squats and lunges!!
      We use Jay Robb Vanilla Whey Protein Powder, although honestly any cheap vanilla whey powder you can get your hands on will work fine for this recipe because you don’t really taste it, it just adds a little sweetness.

  • Lady Loudpants

    Two things: homemade paleo ranch and dark chocolate coconut covered almonds from Costco

  • http://twitter.com/winetoweights Jennifer

    Your new blog theme makes me feel like it’s spring! :)

    I need some cute booty shorts that aren’t spandexy-ride-up-my-butt ones. Those were great for working out in my garage last summer, and even though I’ve worn them 2-3x this season on our couple hot days, I want some that cover a bit more.. but that are still short. Those look super cute, but I cannot justify lulu :( Any knock-off brand with a similar style you recommend? Or can you convince me that $50 for shorts is worth it?!

  • Bridget

    Thanks for all the great places to eat. I have passed them on to my sis and told her about your blog. I am not sure where in Denver they are moving to…i just know it is downtown. My sis doesn’t do crossfit…she not that big into working out but a new atmosphere might change that. Thanks again. B


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