Stalking the Regionals

Have you been watching any of the Regionals in the past few weeks? The Southwest Regional (my region) is coming up this weekend in Salt Lake City, and though I won’t be attending, I am super excited to catch some livestream action and lots and lots of pictures of some badass people working extremely hard.

So far I mostly have just been stalking photos of Regionals from CrossFit tumblrs around the interwebs, and it is definitely getting to me mentally a little bit. In a good way. Last night we were doing a 3-pull snatch max and I was working on not just getting the bar overhead, but actually dropping under it. This is a majorly scary thing for me, and is also very much limiting my lifts. Instead of squatting, I starfish… meaning I sort of straddle in an attempt to lose altitude instead of just bending my knees. But dang, bending your knees can be scary!

Anyway, we had 20 minutes to work on this part of the WOD, and at about 9 minutes I started to lose steam. I had been working with 45 pounds on the bar but had just moved up to 55 lbs, and I could muscle it up, but I wasn’t having much luck dropping under. At one point I was stalling, looking at my bar and feeling like I wasn’t going to accomplish anything else, but then I had this funny thought, “If I ever want to make it to Regionals, I better figure out how to frickin’ get under the bar!” So I walked back over and kept working, albeit not very successfully, on moving under that stupid bar.

But wait, “If I ever want to make it to Regionals”? Where did that come from? Pretty sure this is the first time that thought had entered my brain, but I have this habit of taking random thoughts and just running with them. Hopefully that doesn’t happen here, because dang, I would have a very long way to go. Like years. And years. At least.

And now, if you are looking for some inspiration from Regionals to plant scary, absolutely impractical goals in your mind, here you go.

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  • Jennifer Hudy

    I have fear of getting under the bar, too.. ugh!! Like this weight will not kill me.. why am I so scared?!

    One of my coaches is going to regionals, and our sister box has a team going; it’s so freaking amazing inspiring and I think about where I can be in a year from now.. and I dream..

    We’re headed to watch the weekend after this one.. super excited to see so many amazing athletes all in one place!!

  • Simone

    Disqus is no longer letting me post via twitter and is making me create an account. BOO, DISQUS.

    1. STARFISH. Thank you for giving me a word to describe what I do! We worked on snatches last night. I’m getting a little better at the shrug, but I still jump out so wide for the “squat.” Knee terror!

    2. Totally saw Fast 6 over the weekend, and the incredible Michelle Rodriguez and Gina Carano had some great action scenes in there. (Another great realization: I’m no MMA fighter like Gina, but my arms are – dare I say it – MORE defined than MR’s? When did any part of my body approach the level of a famous tough chick’s?! And why can I still not do a pull up if I’m so great? :P) Anyway, having just taken the Sports Car Club of America’s autocross driving school a few weeks ago, the movie made me all pumped up to lift heavy and drive fast. Totally used those two fine ladies as motivation when the humidity was kicking my lungs last night.

    3. How do these ladies (in your post) do crossfit in such tiny sports bras? I hardly see myself as particularly well-endowed, but I’d be falling out and bouncing all over the place in those tiny numbers. Damn!

    PS: I could totally see you at Regionals someday. :)

  • Romanesque

    Uff. Thanks for posting this too. Getting under a heavy bar (or even a not-so-heavy bar!) freaks me out quite a bit. I am good with burpees, squats, lunges, presses, whatever… but when it comes to flingin’ the bar into the air and getting under it, I get very Psychologically Flamboozled.™ Every time I practice it, I’m glad that I did — but clearly, this is a “growing place” for lots and lots of us.

  • Sharde Davis

    Looks like so much fun to watch!

  • Alli

    I’m going to watch the Regionals in Salt Lake City! I’m stoked. Maybe I’ll get some good photos to send your way, or even a quick guest blog write up if you want?! :)

    • clairechapman

      That’s awesome, I’m sure you will have so much fun, and I would love you to write a guest post about it!!

  • Nancy Mae Ridicule

    I don’t think it’s that impractical. Even those that compete at CF games had to start SOMEWHERE, right? That’s the beauty of the workouts we do. When I first started, I couldn’t even run 400meters without stopping. Now, it’s a “look-at-me-go-kinda feeling”! So, yes, if you put your mind through it, anything is possible (Back 2 the Future reference, here).

    Also, SNATCHES scare the baloney outta me. It’s probably my most feared movement. I, too, am stuck at 55lbs and afraid to go even heavier. When we do overhead squats, I take the longer route of push-press / land on back / arms out / jump up overhead way.

    One day, this fear will dissipate….. right?!


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