Reconnecting With Myself {by Shilpa Reddy}

Editor's Note: Today's story comes from Shilpa, who has a story that I think a lot of us can relate to about realizing that "skinny" was not the goal. However, she has also overcome something that hopefully not as many of us can relate to--and emerged from the other side as a stronger person and, by the looks of it, a badass climber! My story with health and fitness is long and maybe a little convoluted – but then again, whose isn’t? I’ll give you a sneak peak right now – for me, health Read more [...]

Day 76: Before & After Round 4

Only 2 weeks left before my 90 days is up! Time to post another round of Before & After (well, more like Before & During) Progess Photos! I didn't measure this time and since my last weigh-in I've actually gained about a pound, back up to 127.5ish. The more I do this (and I think this is a common theme with people who workout to get fit instead of working out only to lose weight), the more I recognize how little my weight dictates the size or shape of my body. I am feeling preeeetty good Read more [...]

Day 57: Climbing

Yesterday I woke up a follower, and went to bed a leader. Which is a very dramatic (coined by TJ) way of saying that yesterday I did my first lead climb! For those of you unfamiliar with climbing, you can check out Wikipedia's definition of lead climbing here. In a nutshell, lead climbing is not necessarily harder than top-rope climbing, but it's much scarier and has higher consequences if you fall. Which is why, even though I've been climbing for 2 years, I had never led before. And I was pretty Read more [...]

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