Live from 13.3

Last night I was so excited to be able to attend the Live Announcement of 13.3! I would say there were around 1,000 people jostling for space on the bleachers inside CrossFit Roots, and I also got to meet two awesome blog readers, Ali and Megan. I also got to chat with Kristan Clever, and Talayna Fortunado, told Dave Castro that we were going to be best friends one day, and asked Bob Harper if he was planning on doing the wall balls in his skinny jeans. But did I get any photos of me with any Read more [...]

The Regular Girl’s Guide to 13.2

I am not Annie Thorisdottir. And chances are, you probably aren't either, which means that going into 13.2, you are not expecting to get 13 rounds + change... and you are probably wondering what the heck you should be hoping to get. Because this WOD is deceptively simple, and you, the smart CrossFit gal that you are, know that you are going to need a plan. Well lucky for you, I did 13.2 at 5:30 this morning, so if you are gearing up to do it tonight or this weekend, let me tell you what you, Read more [...]

13.2 Pre-cap

Ok let's cut right to the chase. 13.2 is out, and I am puh-retty nervous about it. Probably even more nervous than I was for 13.1. Why? Because when it was first announced last night, my very first thought was, "Ok, that's do-able," but in the past year, if I have learned anything, it's that as soon as that thought crosses my mind it pretty much ensures that whatever WOD I just dared to think that thought about is going to crush my soul. I am not too shabby at box jumps, a 75-pound deadlift Read more [...]


Welp I re-did 13.1 today and still only came out with 100 reps. It was definitely frustrating, but I feel better about it now than I did on Friday. I got SO close to getting that 75 pound bar up, but I definitely gave it everything I had and now I really know what I need to work on, which is pulling myself under the dang bar! I can't decide if I'm over-thinking or under-thinking, but there just seems to be SO much to think about during the snatch. If I concentrate on moving my hips with my Read more [...]


Well, 13.1 is here. How do you feel about it? Everyone hates Burpees, obviously, but I think this is a pretty interesting WOD. When the CrossFit Games' page posted the WOD on Facebook, it garnered a lot of not-so-positive comments, things like, "Shouldn't the Open be for everyone? I understand that the Games is hard and focus on the elite athletes of every gym, but making the first wod like this is over the edge" (that is one very eloquent example, most of the comments were a little more... heated Read more [...]

30 Days of Zone

Wow, apparently I have been eating zone for 30 days! Yes we have had 2 off-weekends, but overall we have done really well keeping it up. I definitely feel like this has heightened my awareness of eating more complete meals by forcing me to have a protein, carb, and fat component every time I eat. Instead of just snacking mindlessly on cashews or spoonfuls of almond butter, I have to balance a tiny handful of cashews or bite of almond butter with an apple or carrots and a hardboiled egg or some lox. Read more [...]

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