Reasonable Goals vs. Lame Goals

There has been a lot of talk out there this week about goals. Actually, I say "out there" but what I really mean is "inside my own head and sometimes on Julie Foucher's blog too" (because as we all know, me and JF are besties, I even met her in the bathroom at the StubHub Center once... but I digress). We even did a podcast about goals last week, and it got me to thinking that it was high time that I set some goals that didn't suck. You may remember that in June I set daily goals for a while. Read more [...]

Food Prep Ninjas Needed

Ok, Paleo people... I need your help! I have a friend who had her gall bladder removed a few weeks ago, and since the surgery she and her fam have switched over to eating paleo. However, they are still working on dialing everything in, and with a 2-year old, an infant, and a husband who is a policeman and works super long and erratic hours, they have a bit of an uphill battle on their hands. If you are a paleo eater, you remember how confusing, tedious, and sometimes frustrating those first few Read more [...]

My New BFF Christmas Abbott

Well, in case you haven't already heard me tell all about it on Episode 5 of Girls Gone WOD, it's time to tell you the story about the time that Christmas Abbott and I became best friends. Because it was awesome. As most of you know, I have had a serious girl crush on Christmas Abbott ever since starting CrossFit. Whether it's because we're both petite, or because we both love bull dogs, or because we both have tattoos (although admittedly I have significantly fewer tattoos than she does)... Read more [...]

The 2013 CrossFit Games or Why I Want to Live in CrossFit Land

Well I'm back from The CrossFit Games and holy crap what an amazing weekend. Being at the Games was like stepping into CrossFit Land. And in CrossFit Land, everyone wears booty shorts and nanos and lulu bras and eats sweet potatoes out of tupperware all day long. You know that feeling you get when you see someone at the store or in a restaurant and you think, "That person does CrossFit! I can tell!" and you immediately feel like you have something in common and you want to be their friend? Well Read more [...]

Headed to the Games

You guys. In 48 hours I will be standing in the StubHub Center surrounded by the fittest people on earth! I can't freakin wait! My bag is packed and it's full of nothing but a bikini, all of my Lulu booty shorts, and a big stack of WOD tank tops... Including this beauty that showed up on my doorstep yesterday! I also ordered a crop top version but I am so short that it just looks like a really baggy normal tank top. But what can you do. We are leaving tonight and flying into San Diego, Read more [...]

[Guest Post] Grit

Hey there blog land, the fiancée (upgrade from BF) here with another guest post. Last week we did "Amanda"- 9/7/5 muscle ups and snatches at 135#. I first heard of this workout roughly a year ago when I wasn't close to either a muscle up nor a 135# snatch, and I decided to set it as a big benchmark goal to someday complete it prescribed. It was a long and daunting task I had set, and I had serious doubts on the validity of this goal. I had to increase my snatch PR by 40 lbs just to even be able Read more [...]

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