Reasonable Goals vs. Lame Goals

There has been a lot of talk out there this week about goals. Actually, I say "out there" but what I really mean is "inside my own head and sometimes on Julie Foucher's blog too" (because as we all know, me and JF are besties, I even met her in the bathroom at the StubHub Center once... but I digress). We even did a podcast about goals last week, and it got me to thinking that it was high time that I set some goals that didn't suck. You may remember that in June I set daily goals for a while. Read more [...]

June 2013: Some Goals

Something I have learned about myself so far this year is that quarterly goals are just a little too far-reaching for me. Back in April I made a list of goals to be completed by June 15, and I really haven't been able to accomplish many of them. Not necessarily because I'm not trying, but because I don't program my own workouts, and so whether or not I get to really focus on front squats, ring dips, or whatever, is not really up to me. Sure I can do some accessory work, but building on max lifts Read more [...]

Bulu Box Review

I have a bad habit of treating supplements and multi-vitamins like makeup. Makeup, in my opinion, should only really be used for special occasions like date night (and sometimes for chin zits)--and this is typically how I treat things like pre-workout and antioxidant drinks. Not that I take pre-workout before date night (although maybe I should start), but I really don't ever remember to take vitamins or fish oil unless there is something special coming up. Since starting CrossFit, I have Read more [...]

Spring Faves

Guys. It's spring. Finally! In fact, it's almost just downright summer. Two weeks ago, it was snowing at this moment. Now, it's almost 90 degrees. Oh Colorado, we love you. I have decided that spring is for booty shorts, salmon, and buckets of tulips on my coffee table. Here are some of the other things I am loving right now... Whole Foods' Chimichurri Spice Blend. I seriously have been putting this crap on everything, from fish to chicken to eggs. It is SO delicious and fresh-tasting. Read more [...]

Whole30 Round 2: Week 2 Recap

Today marks the halfway point of my April Whole30! And Week 2 had some very memorable moments. For example, on Friday night we made grilled beef heart. Yep, you read that right: Beef HEART. Brandon sliced the heart in half, cut out the ventricles and rubbery arteries, sliced it up and rubbed it with some spices, and grilled it for 3 minutes on each side. Then he brought it back inside and we ate it along with some sautéed broccoli and asparagus. And it was surprisingly delicious. Rich, meaty, Read more [...]

The Anxiety Lens

Today's post is about anxiety, and I think it's only fitting that I feel anxious about writing it. Because if you have anxiety you know that it isn't easy to talk about. In fact, talking about anxiety usually makes the anxiety worse. But, here it goes. Last night I made a pretty big mistake at work. It was an honest mistake, no one was hurt, we didn't lose any money, and though it will take a few weeks to totally overcome the consequences, most of it was cleaned up by 10AM this morning. However, Read more [...]

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