Life’s Many Teachers {by Martha Furst}

Editor's Note: Surprise! Two guest posts in one day! This will not be the first time this happens this week... so just be prepared :) This post comes from a friend of my mom's who has tried to get healthy in the past, but until recently, nothing would stick. She talks about what has shifted in the past few months that has finally allowed her to make healthy changes in her life-- and she has also found that being healthy is not as hard as it seems when you can break it down into small, attainable Read more [...]

Don’t Think. Do. {by Jessie Oliver}

Editor's Note: I am so excited for Jessie to kick us off into what is going to be an amazing week of guest posts. Jessie started CrossFit a few months before I did at CrossFit Jai, and as I slowly got to know her I became more and more impressed by her determination and amazing sense of humor. She has undergone an incredible transformation since starting CrossFit--not just physically, but mentally and emotionally, which she describes here. A few months ago we were chatting about her weight loss, Read more [...]

Mom, Meet Angie

Editor's Note: I could not be more excited to feature a guest post today from none other than my mom! My mom has always inspired me to confront my limits and push myself, and she is an amazing example of independence and inner strength. Always active and conscious of her diet, I knew that she would love CrossFit and started encouraging her to look into it after she moved from Boulder to San Diego last spring. She finally joined her local box, Offshore CrossFit, in December, and last week she did Read more [...]

February Fitspo

It is a pretty lovely Sunday here in my world. It's sunny and 60, and by tonight it is supposed to be snowing. Thus is early springtime in Colorado (holy crap, it's spring? yesssss!) Anyway, it has been quite a while since I've posted some pictures of gratuitously badass-looking women who make me want to go out and be more of a badass, too. If you follow me on Pinterest, you have probably already seen most/all of these images... But if not, here are some of my favorite photos and quotes from the Read more [...]

Christmas Abbott New Years Fitspo

First of all, I am excited to announce the winner of the Gamma Labs Giveaway!   Congrats, Kourtney! Email me at to get hooked up :) Anyway, it's been kind of a while since I've done one of these posts, hasn't it!? Well, with all this talk about resolutions, I decided it was time to post a little extra inspiration while you think about your fitness goals for the new year! If you follow me on Pinterest you have almost definitely noticed that I am just slightly Read more [...]

Just Limping Along

Today I am literally just limping along. Monday was Kelly, Tuesday was med ball cleans and lunges, and today was front squats. Are you joking? Every time I try to stand up I pretty much have to roll over and push myself up because my quads just can't do it anymore, and I have to walk down the stairs sideways. It's a party. Anyway, I read the above quote somewhere yesterday and totally loved it. I think it's so true that many people view their bodies as something that just needs to look a Read more [...]

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