Shit You Can Only Say to CrossFit Girls

So there's Shit CrossFit Girls Say, which I love. I think my favorite one is either "Is this a legume? What's a legume?" or "3...2...Hold on I have to pee!" because I am definitely guilty of both of those things. I also have absolutely reassured my friends as they stare at me with alarm while I dig into a plate of nachos that, "It's ok, it's cheat day!" But there is also another category that they left out, which is Shit You Can Only Say to CrossFit Girls. We are a unique breed of women who Read more [...]

Say You Wanna Dance

This morning might have been the most fun I have ever had at CrossFit. 1. It is a blizzard outside, which always makes things more interesting; 2. I was/am still wearing my bright pink spandex from Wod Gear (so much for Lulu, huh?); and 3. We were listening to 80's Cardio Radio. The whole time. We split up into two teams, with three boys and three girls on each team. Each team had to complete five "events," and then we compared our scores. The first event was a burpee/leap frog relay, then max Read more [...]

Game On

After my post yesterday about feeling like I have been subconsciously-but-becoming-a-little-on-purpose sandbagging myself lately, another member at our gym (the same one who introduced me to the fantastic zone cheat sheet from the CrossFit Journal, actually) commented with an article from Outside Online about the "Black Hole of Mediocrity." You can read it here, but the gist was that researchers have found that you, as an athlete, are served by very intense workouts, very easy workouts, but not Read more [...]

Snow and Wendler

I meant to write a post for you this weekend. I really did. But then, I went skiing. And then, it started to snow (yes, after I went skiing. bad timing). Snow is not a super unusual thing here in Colorado, but the snow did something that it hasn't done yet this year... it KEPT snowing! Today I am trying to decide whether to WOD or to go to a book signing for the Smitten Kitchen cookbook. If you are not familiar with Smitten Kitchen, you should be. This woman is spunky and hilarious, and uses Read more [...]

Ebbs and Flows

I am going through a bit of a CrossFit mood swing at the moment. Last week I felt on top of the world: I Rx'd Fran, I've made a bunch of PR's in the last month, and I'm having great physical results from the zone diet. This week, however, I'm feeling exhausted, weak, kind of lame, and I think I might have only done 2 snatches in one of my 3-snatch sets this morning but can't quite remember for sure. This is not the first time that I have had a little bit of a slump in my CrossFit enthusiasm. Read more [...]

Go Home, Fran. Nobody Likes You.

On Saturday I did something that I never thought I would do: I Rx'd Fran. For those of you who are not fluent in CrossFit speak: Fran is a benchmark WOD, which means that anyone who does CrossFit anywhere in the world will know what you mean when you start talking about it. And Fran isn't just any benchmark WOD, it is THE benchmark WOD. Something about it just makes Fran SO miserable that most people regard it as the most brutal WOD in CrossFit. The structure is 21-15-9 of Thrusters and pull-ups Read more [...]

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