That Just Hap-pinned!

Our gym has recently started a funny little thing involving a bowling pin. I have no idea why it’s a bowling pin, but it works. Basically, if you do something awesome, TJ writes your name on the pin and then you get your photo taken with it. Recent additions to the pin include people doing their first muscle-ups, their first Rx’d WOD, or getting a big PR on a lift.

What did I do to get on the pin yesterday morning, you ask? Did I finally get a pull-up or PR on my deadlift? Nope. My official pin caption reads “Rx’d with style.”

The WOD yesterday morning was 100 Double Unders, rest 3 minutes, 21-15-9 Front Squats and Deadlifts at 65#, rest 3 minutes, 100 Double Unders. I loaded my bar with the prescribed weight, but put on a 10# plate and a 5# plate instead of one 15# plate, thinking that I might have to drop some weight mid-WOD but wanted to try to go heavy anyway. I mean, I can definitely deadlift 65# but my Front Squat needs a lot of work. It’s frustrating because I feel like my legs could support way more than that, but my core just isn’t strong enough to give me the stability I need.

About halfway through the WOD, I was doubled-over, staring at my bar, and getting ready to drop the extra 5 lbs, when TJ came over and asked how many reps I had left. I still had to do four reps to finish the second set, then nine more in the next set. “Don’t drop the weight,” TJ said. I would have probably argued if I had had enough energy or capacity for lucid thought to do so, but I was so exhausted that I just listened, picked the bar back up, and kept going–and finished the WOD at the prescribed weight, only my 3rd or 4th that I have ever completed fully prescribed, and I didn’t even finish dead last (mostly due to my unexplainable affinity for Double Unders).

It felt pretty good to have a little boost of Hey, I can do this! built into my first week of charging towards all my new goals. In fact, I might even post-emptively (is that a word?) add “Get on the pin” to my list.

  • elizabethmerrittabbott

    Awesome! That’s one of my favorite (or lease favorite) part of crossfit. If you can’t argue you just have to do it. Good for you, a well earned bowling pin if I’ve ever seen one.

    • claire chapman hay

      Haha thanks! I know, it’s a love/hate relationship when your coach comes over and pretty much tells you to suck it up :)

  • Dave

    Congrats on getting “pinned”. Sharp of TJ to challenge you on that, too. Good on him, great on you! DUs still get the best of me!

    • claire chapman hay

      Thanks! I definitely was questioning TJ when he said that, but I’m glad he decided to push it. And DUs are so hard. I can occasionally link 30 or 40 at a time but really I am still only linking 10-15 consistently!

  • uberbeastmode

    Haha awesome, way to go! Gotta love when you power through stuff like that, fantastic feeling.

  • grackleandsun



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