The Art of Running with Small Dogs {by Evan Pollitt}

Editor’s Note: Our final guest post comes from Evan of Salt, Dogs, and Duct Tape. He is an hilarious writer with a knack for calling it as it is, and I am so excited to feature him as we wrap up this awesome week of stories! By the way, I didn’t exactly give Evan the chance to approve this title… But I think after you read this, you will understand.


Hello Ascent Blog! Let me start by saying I’m happy to be here. I’m Evan and I write salt, dogs, and duct tape. Allow me to introduce myself. I started writing my blog about a year ago in large part as motivation. Knowing that you’re accountable to something helps a lot. When I started my blog I never thought about CrossFit and writing about fitness and a healthy lifestyle was not on my mind. Originally I just wanted to write about life with my partner, Adrienne, and our dogs.

We met while going to law school in a small town in Vermont. The town had two one restaurant so most of our dates involved cooking. I was never really an eater of vegetables. Living in a place devoid of restaurants and full of fresh produce changed that. Adrienne was a vegetarian long before we met. Learning to cook things that both of us liked became something really fun and educational.

This is to say that my path to writing about my personal health and fitness started here. As Adrienne and I got more serious obviously I wanted to do things to impress her. So when she invited me to go on a “short” run I jumped at it. I did not know at that point that she ran cross country in college. The run wasn’t as embarrassing as limping around was the next day.


That’s when I knew something had to change. I started running a lot more. Not wanting to run alone I often took Adrienne’s miniature Schnauzer, Dylan, running with me. Running with a small dog can be tricky. First, ignore everyone who sees you. Yes they are laughing, but it’s positive. The second thing is that running with a small dog can be great for your pacing. You don’t want to go to fast for them, and the shame of people seeing a small dog walk calmly while you huff and puff is often enough to keep you going. (Don’t tell Dylan I called him small.)

So that’s how it started. Soon after I started running I developed chronic knee pain. After trying the typical western regime of MRIs, cortisone shots, and physical therapy the pain was still there. That’s what lead me to yoga and to paying attention to my overall fitness instead of just one aspect of it. While yoga helped straighten out my knee pain, it wasn’t until two years later that I started CrossFit.

It might be too early to admit tell, but I think i’m hooked on CrossFit. Like pretty much everything I do I did a lot of research before I started. When you look for info about CrossFit online a lot of it is going to be negative. I’ll admit, there is a foundation to some of that criticism. The same can be said for anything that has ever been criticized.

What I like about CrossFit is that it has helped me to improve in a huge range of things. I’m a better runner, I’m skiing better, I’m stronger, I’m eating better. The diversity of CrossFit means that it impacts everything you do.

Sorry, that last bit was a little preachy.

  • Angie

    Glad you found yoga helpful with your knee. Has Cross Fit effected your knees at all?


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