Theme of the Week

Oh man. This weekend did not feel productive. Yesterday morning I woke up at 7 and proceeded to spend five hours working on my pretty new blog, and then fell back asleep for another hour. Then we went to Oktoberfest at our favorite brewery (where my dog won an Oktoberfest costume contest that was supposed to be for humans), and came home and took another 2-hour nap. After which we ordered Thai food, watched Wall-E, and then went back to sleep. Today was an 8-hour whirlwind of two different baby showers, and now I am home with Luna’s head on my lap, thinking “Holy crap, it’s Sunday night? When did that happen?”

I did get a WOD in this morning, which was a modified “Death By” workout. “Death By” WODs are where you do one rep for each minute on the minute (meaning 1 rep in the first minute, 2 reps in the second minute, 3 in the third minute, and so forth until you fail to complete the amount before the next minute starts), and today we did Death By Burpees except we started each minute with a squat clean, and instead of just going until we failed, we went for 15 rounds regardless of how long it took. If you’re playing along at home, that equals a total of 15 squat cleans and 120 burpees in 15 minutes. I made it to the 9th minute feeling awesome, and finished my 9 burpees with 20 seconds still left, thinking, “Heck yeah, I totally have this!” And then on the 10th round I totally crashed, and barely finished within the minute. And then those last five rounds were puh-retty brutal. As in, I went home to shower and could barely lift my arms to shampoo my hair.

Also, this week I did not meet all of my new goals. We didn’t get a skiing WOD in, though we both did three WODs throughout the week. And I am doing pretty well eating fairly paleo, but still am not as consistent as I’d like to be. I’m not sure why I can’t seem to make a breakthrough on this, since my diet is 100% within my control… even if I like to pretend that it’s not.

But! My new jump rope is fantastic and even though it will probably take me a day or two to get used to it, I have a feeling that those 60 Double Unders are within reach. Also, I am working more and more on my flexibility and feeling better about that.

Also, a few weeks ago I saw a photo that really resonated with me, because I am NOT a morning person. It said something to the effect of, “Nobody will ever be impressed with how much sleep you got.” And I started thinking about how true that was, and how I am such a wimp about waking up early. I can go to bed early enough to be able to wake up at 6, or even 5, and go workout, but am pretty much just lazy in the mornings. So this week I am turning that quote into my theme, and challenging myself to do three 5:30AM WODs (I have only ever made it to the gym at 5:30AM ONCE before…). I am actually kind of looking forward to it. We’ll see how I feel when the alarm goes off in the dark at 5AM on Tuesday morning, though.

Do you prefer to workout in the morning and get it over with, or take out your stress from the day by working out at night? Also, I really hope someone has the answer to this question: Why is Oktoberfest in September?


  • Bruno

    I dunno. Rip van Winkle slept throughout the American Revolution. That’s pretty impressive.

  • jennifer

    That is a lot of burpees!!

    Blog question.. where did you get the “Like” button? :)

  • Jen Letts

    I adore running in the mornings at sunrise, well sunrise right now. Give it a month or two, right?!? But this week I have been seriously tired out after. Like a nap in the middle of the day for the girl who cannot slow down enough to stretch out on a bed much less sleep tired out. So strange!

    • Claire

      I have a dilemma which is that I hate waking up, but I love being awake in the early mornings. You’re right, though… that sunrise is creeping later and later! It is barely up by the time we are leaving the 5:30AM WOD… And I have also been having weird sleep patterns this week, but the opposite–I usually have no trouble staying asleep all night, but have been waking up constantly this week! I’m blaming it on the full moon… or something.


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