Whole30 Round 2: Week 2 Recap


Today marks the halfway point of my April Whole30! And Week 2 had some very memorable moments. For example, on Friday night we made grilled beef heart. Yep, you read that right: Beef HEART. Brandon sliced the heart in half, cut out the ventricles and rubbery arteries, sliced it up and rubbed it with some spices, and grilled it for 3 minutes on each side. Then he brought it back inside and we ate it along with some sautéed broccoli and asparagus. And it was surprisingly delicious. Rich, meaty, and super tender. If you are feeling adventurous, I bought ours from US Wellness Meats (along with a lot of other great stuff, like some short ribs, bison marrow bones, and rabbit), but I’ve heard you can get them from most butchers if you’re nice enough.

However, despite our culinary escapades, I’m gonna be honest… Week 2 felt like a pretty long week.

When I started this Whole30 I decided to sign up for their daily email service that sends you tips, tricks, what to expects, recipes, etc. every day throughout the month. Overall it has been a great resource and I look forward to getting those messages every day. A lot of these emails have success stories of people who cured their diseases, slept through the night for the first time in years, lost pounds and inches, and overall just could not believe how amazing their lives became once they stopped poisoning themselves with the Standard American Diet. When you read these, it’s hard not to think that your own nutritional epiphany should be just around the corner.

For this reason, part of me wishes I had done a Whole30 12 months ago. But instead, I took a longer road and spent the better part of a year coming to terms with cutting grains, legumes, dairy, added sugar, and most alcohol from my diet, and now, Whole30 really just means that I am stricter about added sugar, I don’t indulge in tortilla chips, and I ask for the roasted beet salads without the feta cheese instead of just picking around it like I usually do. In short, it is not a drastic change to the way I eat–and so I guess I shouldn’t expect drastic results in the way I feel.

I also am pretty sure that my extreme anxiety levels from last week did not exactly create a great environment in my body. I am still dealing with the residual effects of that, primarily in the form of a what feels like a rock sitting in my stomach that only gets slightly smaller each day. It has wreaked havoc on my GI tract and probably re-inflamed anything I had managed to un-inflame in the first 10 days of my Whole30. Which also sort of makes me feel like, if there is this mental and emotional piece that I have very little control over (at least for the time until I can identify some strategies to mitigate this anxiety), then I might as well just have a glass of wine. Maybe that would relieve some stress and even it out.

However, I have managed to keep myself from going down that road so far. Yesterday I even mostly survived a bridal shower for my best friend (not Steph from Friday’s post, but the third member of our trio, Dani) by hanging out by the veggie platter and drinking sparkling water. By mostly survived, I mean that I may have eaten a single bite-sized gluten-free carrot cake cupcake. It was approximately the size of a Hershey’s kiss, but the sugar still made me feel miserable for about an hour. Lesson learned.

Here’s to Week Three!

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  • http://www.journeyofadreamer.com/ Courtney

    Week 2 was tough for me too. I hear people talking about week 2 being the magic week… but really I didn’t feel it. I struggled. I realize I do indulge in far too many treats… but I am also miserable without any. *sigh* It’s all about learning, right?

    • clairechapman

      Glad I’m not the only one :) The idea of “treats” has definitely taken a new meaning, too–it’s like ok I get this whole packet of almond butter instead of just half, or I’m going to have sparkling water instead of flat… So exciting! Ha.

  • Kelsi

    THank you for sharing all aspects of your Whole30 experience, Claire! It’s inspired me to start a Whole30 challenge of my own… beginning TODAY! I decided last week I was going to start today, and grocery shopped accordingly (it was hard not to buy a jar of my precious peanut butter, but better not to have it in the house!). I spent the weekend making several soups I can grab in a hurry if I am hungry and don’t want to ruin my eating plan. I also knew that last night I’d be having an alcoholic beverage or two at the concert, so I figure since I already feel icky from the booze, I might as well transition into the icky sugar withdrawal I’m about to experience! I’ve cleaned up a lot of my eating habits, but I was still cheating too often to really see measurable progress (though I generally FEEL a lot better and more energetic). Right now, I’m craving the roasted beets you mentioned in your post, and I’m cursing myself that I didn’t buy any damn beets!

    • clairechapman

      That’s awesome Kelsi! I’m psyched for you!! If nothing else Whole30 is definitely an awesome time to just refocus on being intentional about every little thing you allow into your body. Keep me posted!

      • Kelsi

        I wrote in my blog about it and mentioned you in a post! Thank you for inspiring me. I’m on Day 3 and loving it so far! The beau is being super thoughtful, as we have a getaway planned this weekend. He was asking what I will/won’t eat so he can plan our romantic trip without me having to worry about food. LOVE HIMMMMM.


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