Whole(not so)30

I have a confession. We did not make it the whole 30 days on Whole30. But I don’t feel too bad about it, because the 22ish days that we did make it were about as strict as it gets–I even passed on a baked apple with cinnamon on it at a friend’s house because I was worried it would trigger a sugar craving. I drank an insane amount of unsweetened tea, which is a big deal for me because traditionally I mostly enjoy tea as a vehicle for honey, and I used ghee and bacon grease instead of olive oil or butter. And I felt awesome, and I looked awesome, and I got a new PR on my push jerk and I slept great and I avoided getting sick even when everyone else in my world was getting sick. In short, I loved it.

But then we went to California, and even though my mom was more than happy to accomodate us, it immediately was harder than expected to stay on Whole30 while on vacation. And not just “But we have to try this restaurant!” harder, but getting-out-of-the-groove, not-in-my-own-kitchen harder. So we decided to relax a little. Because ultimately, eating well and being healthy is about getting the most out of life. And a lot of times that looks like staying strict and being committed, but other times that looks like sharing a margarita with your mom at a seafood restaurant by the ocean.

I still stayed totally gluten and dairy-free for the rest of the trip, with my biggest indulgences being tortilla chips (Oh, how I missed them!) dipped in fresh, California avocado guacamole. And I did my best to stick to my resolution to have a strict Whole30 Thanksgiving, but instead of preparing a traditional meal, we were on the road between Joshua Tree and San Diego, so we stopped at the first restaurant with an “Open for Thanksgiving” sign. And it just so happened to be here:

The inside was decorated like an old whorehouse, and our waitress wore fishnets and a sequin saloon girl costume. There were two older couples in there, eating in silence, and a man at the bar watching the football game. But the platter our saloon girl brought out was delicious, and though I snubbed the stuffing, roll, and potatoes, I can’t imagine that the gravy everything was smothered in was corn starch or sugar-free. But I tried.

And then on our last day in California, which would have been the last day of the Whole30 if we really had stuck with it, we went to Five Guys and I ate a burger and an entire bag of fries. And it was so worth it.

(Don’t worry, this is not the end of the story… more to come later about how it went during the weeks we actually abided by Whole30 with an iron fist. Because overall, the idea of Whole30 is pretty great, but now I know–extended periods of travel are hard to mesh with extremely strict diets. Lesson learned.)

  • http://twitter.com/winetoweights Jennifer

    Some “diets” are only 21 days, so you did awesome, girl!! Plus you did it before, right? So you did awesome nonetheless. And I had Five Guys for the first time over the summer on vacation; I was so good half of the vacation, then it all went downhill. We don’t have one over here, so I HAD to try it, right? :)
    Sounds like you had a nice trip anyway, and looking forward to hearing more!

    • clairechapman

      Haha I’m glad we didn’t have Five Guys until the last day of our vacation, it definitely would have opened up the floodgates! We passed several In-N-Outs and I had to restrain myself… :)

  • Jodi Clements

    Whats your plan for the month of Dec? I did an unprocessed 30 day challenge in Nov. and Im struggling with how to keep it up in Dec. I have seen great results with my weight and crossfit. I would love to keep it up and lose a few more pounds. How have your results been? You haven’t blogged about it in awhile.

    • clairechapman

      I know I was JUST thinking about how I haven’t put up any “After” photos recently… I am overdue! My plan for December is to stay grain and dairy free and start experimenting with the zone diet but allow myself a little more wiggle room with Christmas and New Year’s, then I want to go strict zone for all of January as my New Year’s Resolution.


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