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Things I did last week during our trip to visit The BF’s fam in Wisconsin:

1. Sat in a car for a combined total of over 30 hours.

2. Listened to 2.5 Harry Potter books on tape (well technically “on iPhone”).

3. Consumed the following: waffles, a full loaf (at least) of banana bread, fried cheese curds, monkey bread so sweet it literally made my mouth hurt, cheese and more cheese, sushi, a dessert made out of oreos and coffee ice cream and cool whip, a casserole topped with corn flakes, a full meal’s worth of 7-layer nacho dip, beer, beer, wine, and more beer. There was also a delicious salmon salad thrown in there as a last ditch effort to not keel over, and though it was tasty, I’m not sure it redeemed me too much.

4. Romped through knee-deep snow with Luna, for whom it was nose-deep snow (Luna also made a new best friend, a scrappy Schnauzer named Merlin, who happens to have his own blog believe it or not).

5. Spent 7 days being promised that, “This isn’t really how Wisconsin winters are all the time,” even though I’m pretty sure that cold, snowy, grey, and a bit windy is EXACTLY how Wisconsin winters are… all the time.

6. Dropped in at CrossFit Sanctify in Madison for a 12 minute AMRAP that included wall balls, of course–and I was lucky enough to pick the wall ball that was leaking sand. In case I needed another reason to loathe wall balls.

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7. Worked out with The BF and his dad at the fire station where his dad is a volunteer firefighter, and tried to modify a WOD that TJ had programmed by replacing pull-ups with dumbbell Thrusters (it was not a fair trade).

8. Treated myself to 3 new books: It Starts With Food (which I have never actually read), The Paleo Diet for Athletes (which I have also never actually read), and a Paleo Comfort Foods cookbook. Yes please.

9. Visited the National Mustard Museum, and was actually kind of impressed.

10. Wore the same pair of Wonder Woman ski socks every day.

And now, here I am. Back safely in Denver and ready to take on 2013, along with its new lifting goals, eating plans, and general schemes of self-betterment. But first, a big glass of water and a good night’s sleep, I think.

  • Emily

    It took me a full minute of staring at that picture to realize… yes…. it is my house. Xmas dinner aftermath sure can change how you view a kitchen. Beer, cheese, and snow… sounds like you got the full WI welcome. It was great to see you. Merle misses Luna. We’ll have to come out to Denver for a not-so-dairy-filled vacation soon! =)

    • clairechapman

      Hey there is nothing wrong with a dairy-filled vacation! And Luna is still tuckered out from her romps with Merlin–she barely moved the entire drive home! It was really great to see you too–next time you will have to bring Steven so we can all work out together ;)

  • http://twitter.com/SnowfoxBandit Simone

    As a Wisconsinite, I can confirm #5 – but with less snow each year. Boo! :(


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